Namibia is a country stocked with wildlife, all of which have their own uniquenesses and strengths …but the Eland inspires me the most.

The Eland, which is the biggest antelope in Namibia and in the world, lives in the savannas and plains of Namibia. Elands can weigh up to a whopping 942 kg with an average range of 600-700kg. Their main diet consists of grasses and leaves. Despite their large size, they are agile creatures and excellent jumpers. They can jump over each other’s back from a standing start and can leap a good three meters off the ground.

The majestic Eland inspires me as a Namibian, because it gives its everything to fight for life, if it is pulled down by something. I have experienced this character trait on the farm. A wounded Eland does not give up easily, even when knowing that his end might be near. If another antelope would be in the same situation, it would usually just lie down on the ground and give up.

In life we deal with many situations day by day, which upset us or demotivate us.People, who bully us with hurting words and ruthless actions,discourage us to reach our goals. Sickness, poverty, loneliness and the death of a family member are all things that demotivate us and make us think of giving up or even ending our life. Stand strong, never give upand don’t let anyone stop you. Keep pushing forward and rise above all circumstances and destructive words which try to dishearten you.

Be like the Eland and don’t give up when negativity or hopelessness pulls you down.

BY Daniel van Wyk