Beautiful Mystic Namibia. Land of the Brave, the Blessed & the Content.

Beautiful Mystic Namibia. Land of the Brave, the Blessed & the Content.

How can anybody not Love Namibia or be inspired by its unique beauty in itself? I think we will all agree, that everybody who has ever visited Namibia will tell you that Namibia has a way of leaving a permanent foot print on your heart. It’s a place where you can travel to for a long weekend from a busy lifestyle. Then escape into nature even, to one of its variety of lodges to choose from according to your own preference and needs. At the beautiful lodges you can interact with wildlife. Some lodges even offer the benefit of a bit of luxury in the Busch and a variety of spa treatments when needed. The most beautiful lodges that are spread through-out Namibia, where you can make memories of which some will leave you breathless.

Memories you can treasure and relive at any time and always return back to. What inspires me the most about Namibia is that it’s the place, which I call home and where my roots lie. A democratic land with a diverse community, where we live in peace and harmony with one another.It‘s a land where we all share our same love for our country and what it has to offer us. As well as to those, who visit us.A place where everybody has always felt welcome. Namibia is furthermore known for its friendliness&hospitality with some of the best restaurants.We are also known as the most popular tourist destination in Africa. Our endless landscapes stretch from the North to the South and the East to the West with beautiful Plato’s as far as the eye can see.

With the unique contrast at our West coast where a road runs between the Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean. At the coast where the weather is sometimes experienced as 4 seasons in one day. Namibia is indeed one of God’s most beautiful creations. Indeed different yet unique and described as the land of milk and honey. For those who have not visited Namibia yet,just close your eyes for a moment and imagine this: “…It’s been a sunny morning. The drive through the landscapes makes you look forward to what awaits you at your final destination.

Then you reach your destination. Where you are surprised by an oasis in the Busch.You are welcomed by a friendly reception with an ice cold welcoming drink and refreshing wet wipe to wipe off the dust. After you’ve checked-in, are you accompanied to your bungalow which you find to be clean and spacious with Air-conditioning? Then you have the option of either relaxing at the pool or have some drinks on the veranda. Whilst relaxing for a moment on the veranda, you breathe in the fresh air and smell the smell of fresh ground after the rain.Taking in every moment and experiencing the feeling of absolute stillness. Realizing, it is a different kind of stillness.

Leaving you relaxed and unwind and making you realize, this is how it’s going to be over the duration of your stay. Then after an afternoon nap you are welcomed with the aroma of freshly brewed afternoon coffee and cake on the veranda and whether they can interest you with an afternoon game drive. Geared with ponchos and blankets for in case the wind gets chilly, are you set to go on the game drive. There you experience Namibia’s wildlife at its best, whilst getting some well guided info on the fauna and flora.

You see how some animals are being fed. For those brave at heart, you might just be so lucky to get up close and personal with some of the big 5. You are allowed to take some pictures in absolute silence, as you are reminded that you are in the Busch and should respect nature. Then you’re whisked a way to a quiet landscape where you are treated to a sundowner whilst viewing the most beautiful sunset, coloring the sky with red and orange.You can see how the sun finally greets you good night to bring an end to a beautiful day.

Then arriving back at the lodge, you are welcomed back by the sight of boma fires and the smell of braaivleis or potjie, true African style. Then whilst sitting around the Bomafire with a glass of red in your hand, are you simply mesmerized by the night skies covered by a blanket of a million stars. Somewhere far away, you can hear a lonely jackal call. Or you can sit by the waterhole and watch the animals coming for some special feed and water. Sometimes you’ll be amazed by elephant family that takes a swim and in the background you can hear the king of the animal kingdom crying for its mate.

After sitting down for a nice divine dinner prepared with own produce and game meat originating from African roots, do you return to the Boma fire with a glass of dry red wine or a night cap making friends with total strangers you have just met. Pairs of eyes staring into the flames, all with their own thoughts. Getting that soul food you’ve been searching for.

This is where stories are shared amongst new founded friends .Then after a few yawns you greet everybody for the night, just to retire to your bungalow for a well- deserved and good night’s rest. If you are lucky, you’ll have a stroke of moon shine over your bed. Breathing in deeply,being thankful before you doze off to dreamland.

Then you’ve awakened by the most beautiful sunrise.Coloring the sky with a pallet of bright orange yellow and gold. Sitting with a mug of boeretroos, real German filtered coffee in your hand. Drinking in every extraordinary moment of this early morning. Realizing how blessed you are……… and then just to do it all over again!”

by Lisie Köstens