Best memorable moment experienced in Namibia

Best memorable moment experienced in Namibia

It was 2011 when i joined the riding team. The first year i sat on the back of the horse officially. So exciting, fun and enjoyable. Since that year, horses became part of me. I rode at Kambaku Lodge and safaris cc. These animals are the best living creatures. The first time I got to know them, a strong connection was already made. Best memorable times ever. Horses understand, they listen and they are just the best. This animals took me in the field for nature experience; distance far from the stable, where even myself gets lost, but trust me when I say this animals are super intelligent and smart, they always know the best and shorter way to go back to the stable.

I than realized that this animals where just created for us (human beings). Whenever I felt sad or feeling down; I walk down to the stable, pat each horse , especially my favorite, Eni- Eenhana named after a small town in the northern part of Namibia. I pat and hugged her, while I talk about how I feel, I than give her some treats; can be a piece of dried bread, some carrots or apples. I just feel better to be surrounded by or talk to them. The bond created between horses and myself is very strong and un-reversible.

If I see a horse, even at a far distance, trust me, I become happy- automatic. Whenever I see an unhealthy horse, a sick or thin one, I also get sick. You know sometimes it’s just sad to see something you love and appreciate suffer. When I am on the back of the horse, my world feels complete. Just the up on a moving creature, feeling the sense of nature and when you breathe it feels like you are breathing air from a different world. Horse-riding is a must experience. I always recommend it to my friends. It is a must try, fun and best exercise ever.

Riding for four years, meeting new people from all around the world, experiencing nature and own country is the best memorable moment I experience in my country- NAMIBIA. I would say riding is a total complete sport. The best medication for stress and horses are just the best living creature one can never get twice. Trust me, believe me horses are my pillar and there is never a dull moment when with them. They are just more than better to deal and work with.

I love horses! I love Namibia.

by Kristofina Ndapewa