They call it Namibia, I call it home.

They call it Namibia, I call it home.

I have never been so proud, nor so inspired being elsewhere other than in Namibia’s diverse natural landscapes while overlooking a significant range of animal species, yet breathing in the fresh Oxygen extracted from our various vegetation.
Namibia, even though geographically small, it has a rich story to tell. Start at the great Zambezi and Kavango forests with flowing rivers. Far north, village life gives my life its’ true meaning, as it offers nothing but pure tranquility when I face clear blue skies, sitting on the dusty grounds and singing along to the tunes of birds while escaping the hot sun under the tree shades enjoying the tasty fruits of the Namibian soil.
When you are in the Namibian home, it is all in one. From beautiful sunsets, amazing sceneries, friendly people, spectacular savanna trees and our desert full of life. I attest that Namibia’s sunsets are the most breath taking on planet Earth. I never missed to capture if opportunity presents itself so I can tell the world how beautiful and blessed our land is.

One of my unforgettable experiences in Namibia is during cultural festivals, when sons and daughters of the land identified by their cultures celebrate one another, even though through Ubuntu culture we all proudly and with confidence scream “One Namibia, One nation”.
Travelling around Namibia is an awesome experience as it comes with the joy of discovering incredible views and scenes. Begin with the shifting sands of the south, pass through the mountainous areas in the central, via valleys and rivers along your Namibian journey. Our might Etosha has so much to offer in terms of wild life.

The adventurous game drives and hiking trails are recommended activities to animals and nature admirers. It is not over until you find yourself unable to stop staring at the massive dunes in the Sossusvlei but still wondering about the Deadvlei existence. Along the Atlantic Ocean our Namib Desert meets the Ocean.

This you cannot find anywhere else in the world. It is so magnificent and full of inspiration to being a Namibian.
It is so inspiring how everybody develops a culture of neighborhood; it is very humbling to see how everybody cares for one another. The Namibian child’s laughter gives me hope to carry on working towards a prosperous Namibian country. It is the Namibian mother in the corner selling fat cakes that gives me courage of facing challenges; a selfless Namibian father with torn overalls and greasy hands with an aim of providing for the family motivates me to strive for success. I will say it always, “I believe in Namibia and its’ nature inspires me”.
Our bravery encourages us to battle off hot sunny days; for we know there is always a never to miss beautiful sunset awaiting. I take no fear when faced with warm nights, as I know how it is all going to end; waking up to bird songs as the sun rays prepares to shine upon our Namibian soil. Living in Namibia gives me so much pleasure and as such, I will never trade it with anything in the world.

This is my story, but that is our Namibia.
By Viktoria M. Shakela