You can leave Namibia, but it will never leave you.

You can leave Namibia, but it will never leave you.

Nineteen years in this beautiful country and I am looking to spend many, many more years here. I was born here, I was raised here and I want to spend the rest of my life here. I am a university student now, far, far away from home. Australia might be an amazing place, but it just doesn’t match up to Namibia. Moving away is heartbreaking, but it showed me how much I love Namibia. I miss everything about home! The sunsets, the beautiful landscapes, our majestic animals, the people and of course the food. Every time I arrive in Australia, I already look forward to the next time I get to go home!

Australia is a strange place. People here don’t believe me when I say I am from Africa. Most don’t even know where Namibia is, or that it even exists. I don’t take it as offensive, I rather see it as an opportunity to tell the people about my fascinating country. I am always more than happy to tell them about Namibia, in fact, I always end up bragging with our sunsets and animals. Every conversation ends with an invite to Namibia because I know that once they step foot in my home country, Namibia will win their heart.  I know that because it happens to over and over again. I can never get tired of watching the sunset, I can never get tired of going on game drives to look for animals, and I can never get tired of the people around me. Namibia has a special place in my heart and it will always stay that way!

Now I know, that Namibia might still be developing. I know we are not one of the top countries when it comes to economics and many other areas, but that is what inspires me about Namibia. Namibia has come such a long way. The people had to go through so much pain and loss, but look at us now! We are on our way to a better future thanks to all the people who are working on making Namibia an even greater place. A place irresistible to any visitor. All those people, who work so hard, sacrifice so much for their country inspire me. I want to part of them, be part of something so great and uprising.We all know Namibia has the potential. What makes Namibia so unique it’s people. Most of us don’t have much, in fact, many of us have nothing at all, but having little taught us to appreciate what really matters! We value family, friends, food, everything really and I don’t see that here in Australia. Another thing that Australians lack is their pride for their country. You could ask any Namibian on the street and they will all give you the same answer. We are all proud to be Namibians and nobody can take that away from us!

Namibia gave me a home, it taught how to live life to the fullest and now it is time to give something back!

By Katja Serrer