A child’s golden smile

A child’s golden smile

Living in this beautiful country of Namibia, I was once called a “child”, getting the little I demanded for, had always placed a smile on my face. Walking in each corner street, there he/she is, staring at me with an innocent little face. Sometimes, we never know every reason behind a child’s smile, but what we know is that a child’s smile is beautiful and contagious. Returning from a stressful job that took away not only your energy, but also your good mood, your child’s smiley face revives the whole you. However, some people believe that being surrounded by playful children might definitely mean a headache. On the contrary, it is wise to realize that a child’s smile brings forth happiness and a truest meaning to life as a whole. Being faced with many challenges each day, a child’s smile can brighten up your day and make you stare at life with new glasses. There is a lot of meaning to be drawn from a child’s golden smile, the variety is just there and it is real

I am inspired by a young innocent face smiling back at me. A child is a beautiful gift from above, as they bring nothing else but endless joy. A child’s smile is like a bright mirror’s reflection. Having the chance to experience the true presence of children around you, regardless of their culture, ethnicity or race, the golden smile says it all. Sadly, it is a pity to acknowledge that Namibian children are constantly becoming victims of abuse each and every day of their lives and as the results, their golden smiles perishes.

Most children desire getting together with others and play. Children look at life from a positive point of view, they are so inspiring in their own unique ways. Despite, where home is, children always have a story to tell. They are small creatures of the world and the images of happiness. Children have personally taught me that life is worth living with a smile printed on your face and it feels pretty good, for you have nothing tolose, but happiness to gain. Namibian children are so diverse, but yet similar when it comes to expressing joy.

  • A child’s smile, is a child’s pride.
  • A child’s smile, is a child’s happiness.
  • A child’s smile, is a child’s beauty.
  • A child’s smile, is a child’s recognition and dignity.
  • A child’s smile, is a child’s world.

Therefore, never give up on a child’s golden smile, it’s really beautiful and true.

by Rosalia Shiyukifeni