I am sure that everyone born and who lived or travelled in Namibia, must know that the people who actually live here is rather something special.
As a child you take everything for granted or that is not the right word, but rather you don’t know what you have until your grow up and you don’t know what you need to conserve and really understand the concept until you really start living and notice, “Man I grew up in a beautiful country, with the most vast and different areas and different people”

I studied in another country and it was something different, you get more products, you can buy more with less, you can go to different shops and establishments. There is so much more to offer, but what striked me the most..…is that other countries may be bigger, better…but they do not have what Namibia has and they will never have it….you can travel for kilometres at a time from town to the next town and see well nothing…what I mean by this is….it is only you and nature, the animals, fresh air and what was created for us to enjoy and really be free ….this inspires me the most and this moment I will value forever.

Every Namibian will agree why we are so proud to be called a Namibian, we may have a small population and we may not always agree on everything, may it be politics, may it be the way we have grown up or how we think or do things, but all Namibians can agree that when you say I’Namibian – you think this is my country, you are inspired and you are proud…. every single person that has visited here and lived here will remember the unique aspect of Namibia our open vast areas and it’s people.

By Melanie Honiball

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