My inspiration about my mother land – Namibia

My inspiration about my mother land – Namibia

A lot inspire me about the land of the brave not just me but a whole lot of people around the world. What inspires me is, the way we live in harmony, how we conserve our natural and wild life, the different culture practice among us, the beauty which beings with its people, the nature itself and last but not least the way we stand in unity together and the way we fight against racism. In Namibia it made sure that the following are in place: racial harmony and domestic harmony. The most inspirational thing is that in every corner of the land of the brave harmony prevails and rules each and every one of us.

Living in so much harmony this has attracted a lot of foreigners all over the world to come to Namibia. When it comes to conservation, Namibia is one of the countries in the world that addresses conservation as well as the protection of its natural resources directly in its constitution. So Namibia is in better shape than most. Namibia is one of few countries blessed with so many different culture heritage and tribes. The culture heritage inspires me in a way that leaves me breathless and speechless. Some of the tribes that inspire me are the Ovahimba, Ovawambo, Herero and the Mamas.

It is so hard to believe that some of our traditions are still in practice.  What our forefathers taught back in the days, such as the Ovahimba still put on texture made out of animal skin and women walk around topless and apply the red body cream. This inspires not to forget the roots where we originated and is because of this respect and too much pride for our culture that this attracts so many people around the globe to come learn about our culture and this contributes to the economic standard of our country.

When you think of all the most inspiring things about the land of the brave, you shouldn’t leave out love and peace that divines in all of us. With this so much love at heart we make Namibia a better place of each one of us. It is because of this love and peace prevailing in us we make Namibia a home for so many people all over the world and all walks of life and even the animals which are free to roam around our motherland. The beauty of this country is another inspirational magnificent thing. It`s landscape is made up of five geographic areas .

The central plateau is home to the highest point in the country. We stand in unity together and fight any ill-treatment such as racism, corruption and injustice done. Namibia is of the country where racism is fought, the most inspiring is that even though we have been colonized by the whites we have forgiven them and is not the skin colour that matters anymore or the even the wealth, but we are now equal in everyone`s eyes and the law. Lahja AupindiThe other inspirational thing about Namibia is how focused, how innovating,hard working the  people are and the attitude towards vision 2030.

We are aiming so high and we have that positive mind set, yes there are challenges but we are not letting that stand in the way because at the end of the tunnel there is always light.

by Lahja Aupindi