What inspires me in Namibia (The First Lady inspires me)

What inspires me in Namibia (The First Lady inspires me)

An inspiration should be something or someone greater than us. A force to be reckoned with and to draw strength from. Initially in Namibia I am inspired by a whole lot of things and people but my greatest inspiration has been our first lady, her Excellency Madame Geingos. Her life as a woman ad businesswoman gives me great strength and courage to look on to a better tomorrow. At only the age of 40 but she has accomplished greater things in life.

She remains a public figure to be honoured, cherished and lived by example in this lifetime. She has gained quiet the respect and success no woman of her age could match. Monica Geingos rose to success and fame as Monica kalondo. She did not need the influence of people or first lady to reach greater heights .she graduated at UNAM in B.juris and a bachelor’s degree in laws. At the beginning of her career she worked for four years at the Namibia stock exchange .any girl will and should be inspired to work hard and lead a life like hers. A lifestyle that earns you the title of fist lady, businesswoman and not to forget an honors degree.

A lifestyle that gets you to be voted as one of Namibia s most influential people. She is also a present mother, and a caring, loving wife. This brings to mind the question of, “how does she manage it all so well?”She is not only a mother to her own two children but to the Namibian vast youth. She listens to the youth as much as they listen to her, especially girls .she is a lady with a heart of gold, filled with care, compassion and vast love. Indeed a force to be reckoned with. Most definitely her advices for the youth will not fall on deaf ears and I pray that her efforts for the youth are not in vain.

Her business life started before she even become president’s wife in 2004.in the year 2012 she was voted one of the 12 yet the youngest most influential people in Namibia .indeed she is influential given factors of her life. She is managing director of most company groups in Namibia, being a MD of the stimulus group, through which she managed to acquire one Africa television and one of Namibia’s largest media empire, DMH group.

DMH runs the biggest printing press in Namibia which is responsible for printing all newspapers in Namibia. not only has she been a member of the economic advisory council of the president and deputy chair person of the public officer-Bearers commission but she also serves as a Non-Executive Director of Bannerman mining resources (Namibia) (pty) ltd. all this outlines her determination to multi task and the fact that she is a business tycoon, managing and helping company groups to go from one strength to the next. This alone proves that she is a business minded being who was born for greater heights. Finally, Madame Monica topped the chart by winning the heart of his excellence DR Hage Geingob, the current and third president of Namibia.

Only an influential woman is fit for his heart and only one who earns her living and comfortability .she did not deserve the first lady title but she has earned it. She worked and still works for success. A country’s first lady should be exemplary to all the ladies of that country. She should be the backbone of all the ladies in that independent state, and madam is our backbone indeed. She is influential, achieving, a mother, wife, business mogul, and a great leader. All the above our first lady, my inspiration, has earned at an early age. Hers is a force to be reckoned with.

by Pulka Nghipondoka