The Most Inspiring Things In My Motherland Namibia

The Most Inspiring Things In My Motherland Namibia

Namibia the land of the brave , is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa offering a wide variety of inspiring things .Namibia’s glamour is evident  in its diverse astonishing landscapes of unrivaled beauty, its social and cultural diversity. This country strives to offer quality of life to its citizens, characterized by numerous social programs, good education and health services. Natural beauty cleanliness and unspoiled landscapes are some of the defining features that fascinate majority of visitors coming to Namibia. Namibia has a lot to offer when it comes to tourist attractions such as Etosha National Park, Hoba Meteorite, Cape Cross Seal Reserve, Ruacana Waterfalls and Dune 7 among others.

These sites attract large number of tourists. At most tourist attractions, tourists are provided with good services such as accommodation, they are also provided with information of the vicinity. The tourism industry creates employment to people in Namibia to reduce unemployment and contributes to the national economy. Furthermore, as people visits different places they come into contact with different cultures and this can encourage tolerance in the country, mutual respect and appreciation of other people’s culture. Interaction also enhances learning of new things about other cultures. Proceeds from the tourism industry are used in the development and improvements of infrastructures such as roads, hospitals, schools and many more.

The craft industry in Namibia is one of the sectors that benefit from tourism. Local people sell their craft to tourists visiting their towns. The craft businesses sustain the lively hood of many Namibians and support them toensure the prosperity of their businesses, ultimately breaking the circle of people out of poverty. Namibia is role a model nation in Africa, because despite being a diverse multi ethnic society Namibian enjoys peace, harmony and the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood truly exists. These ethnic groups includes Ovambo, Herero, Nama, Damara, Kavango and among others.Each of these ethnic groups has its own culture such as the traditional dances, the attires, hairstyle, food and the respect that they have for their cultures.

Namibia has artists, the likes of Female Donkey and Kalux presenting a road show trying to promote their cultural heritages. This is encouragement to the youth to continue respecting and uplifting their cultures. To discover the beauty of this country visit Kavango Region and experience the joy of riding in the wooden canoes floating over the Kavango River. This form of eco- tourism ensures that traditional customs are not eroded away by modernization. Other sites which are equally captivating are rock paintings at Twyfelfontein and Brandberg which charm many people.These paintings continue to narrate the rich stories of civilizations which lived here in the past centuries. These painting also immortalize the rich history that will be told for generations yet to come.

These cultural heritages inspire us as Namibians not to forget our history but also remind us of how far we have come as far as civilization is concerned. Namibia provides free education at both primary and secondary school level. This education system inspires Namibian children because it was introduced for each an every child in Namibia to be able to attend school and attain goals. The provision of free education also guarantees a better future for every Namibian. It also helps the poor people who cannot afford to pay fees, and also it was introduced to uplift Namibians’ literacy rate.

Namibia also offers quality tertiary education which attracts students from many countries; we have numerous tertiary institutions   across the country that offers a lot of courses that people can enroll. Tertiary education sector supplies the country with professionals in different fields, who can help in growing the economy and providing the necessary services needed in the society. The University of Namibia is a perfect example of the tertiary education institution meeting the nations’ need when it produced the first team of medical doctors in 2016.

Moreover, our health sector provides health care to the people,with government subsidizing these services to ensure that they are affordable to every citizen. Senior citizens also get free medical services from any state hospitals. The health sector has got qualified doctors and nurses. Furthermore,the government has implemented multiple social programs that are aimed at eradicating poverty and improving the quality of life for its citizens such programs.

These programs include old age pensions and the orphans and vulnerable children’s grant, which help orphans and vulnerable children at a school going age to cover for their basic needs. To sum up it is these pleasing aspects, natural beauty,social and cultural diversity, peace and stability, improved education and improved social services.The issues discussed above inspire hope and instill pride in every patriotic citizen to work hard and ensure that this country keeps shining, not only in Africa but also at a global platform.

Namibia my country, my pride; there is no other place I would prefer to be.

by Frieda Iipinge