Let me tell you my story of Namibia

Let me tell you my story of Namibia

I was born and raised in Lampung (Indosesia). I also stayed in places like Bali,Singapore, East Java , Jakarta and all of these places are very famous touris attractions. It so happend that i became friends with a Namibian Man, who later became my husband. I can still remember sitting in the airplane, staring out of the window as approge Hosea Kataku Airport.I was suspecting very tall buildings and thousands of houses but all I could see was wide open spaces. I remember that the sky was so blue and clear like I have never seen.

That alone made me feel like I’m in heaven. At the Airport I was greeted by friendly airport personnel in a true Namibian style and my husband was also there waiting for me. I was still wearing a dust mask because where I come we need to wear masks to protect us from air pollution. My husband told me that I may take off the mask and throw it away. The air was so fresh and clean. Many people take this for granted. People here are truly blessed to be able to breathe clean air. My husband took me to the Namib desert and showed me our coastline.

The Namib desert are so Amazing. The dunes are unbelievable. The mountains around Windhoek is breathtaking. Just by walking out of my house make me feel like I’m on holiday. Every day look at the mountains and it make me feel so small. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw wild animals walking freely in the bush. Giraffe,Kudu, Oryx, Duiker, Baboons. In many countries including Indonesia you can only see animals in the zoo. It makes me happy to know that there are still a place on earth where animals still roam freely.

A place where human beings can breath clean air and see clear blue skys and wide open spaces.I’m touched by the way Namibians help and greets each other and respects nature.I’m aware of bad things that also happens like illegal Rino ,but I think the world can still learn from Namibia how to protect and fight against this. We are truly blessed in Namibia to be able to experience a truly remarkable landscape all over Namibia from the South red Kalahari sand dunes to the North with it’s beautiful rivers the kunene and Okavongo and it’s amazing wild life. From the East to the west the beautiful Namibia desert and the beautiful town of Swakopmund, Spitzkoppe and sossisflei. You got to see this with your own eyes to belive it.

by Ruth Who