Why I love living in NAMIBIA!

Why I love living in NAMIBIA!

Namibia is the only country where people see the sunset everyday but still they buy beer and go watch the sunset day after day on top of a mountain with lekker musik from their car radio! Without any neighbors to complain! Namibia is the country of lekker bees biltong and boerewors with a lekker brandy coke with “eish” off course doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer! The people all around the country, doesn’t matter what nation you are we come together in the clubs and dance and drink and have fun together! Namibia has the most beautiful landscapes in the whole world!

You can travel a 1000 km and you will still be inside Namibia (without crossing Borders)! The reason why Namibia is such a big country (if you look at Austria, you will see it fits 43 times in Namibia) it’s because it’s so beautiful and a person can’t get enough of it!

You can get anything you want! A Sea, a Desert, Grassland, the Kalahari, Mountains if you like and even places with no Mountains! And even this year an almost totally filled S.V.Bach Dam. What more do u want? If you once lived outside Namibia you will realize that Namibia is the nicest and most beautiful country you want to live in! I’m proud to say I’m a NAMIBIAN! And what I forgot to say is that Namibia is the only country in the world where people can talk so much just about Rain! I love it.

by Annette Werner

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