The Love Or Nature And Our Dogs

The Love Or Nature And Our Dogs

Wow! What can I say about Nature? Nature is beautiful, it inspires, motivates and keeps you activated and just living your life. God created what we see every day on earth: the land, sea, air, and wind breeze, but we must not forget the animals that surrounds us. The characteristics that they possess, which is awesome and unique. This creatures are adorable and protective. Just imagine what they can bring into your life, I believe that they can deposit joy, fun and peace inside of you.

Dogs are like human beings, they deserve much love and respect as we do. Did you know that it’s almost impossible for a dog to betray or disobey its owner? On the contrary, they are loyal to life and to their owners. When it comes to feelings, dogs do also feel pain and sad when neglected and they feel pretty excited when shown love and affection. Moreover, dogs do communicate among themselves through barking. However, it is evident that most human beings do not notice it, as they view it just as a dog’s habit or a dog’s way of protecting themselves.

Furthermore, nature is wonderful and marvelous on the inside and outside. Nature is anything in the world that was not made by men, but it was already present when we were born. Therefore, I believe that it should be a person’s nature to love nature and all its elements. Have you noticed that roses are pretty, smell beautifully and attractive? Well, that’s thanks to the love of nature and personally, I am amazed by dogs’ behavior, which I see so mysterious and interesting.

It is however amazing to experience a slight noise coming from a dog, as it brings a quiet and strange feeling of sadness inside of you, which is a mystery that needs to be discovered. Dogs are like roses, they have thorny steams that needs to be handle with care. Some people believe that dogs are dangerous and aggressive, but I say that dogs are fun and playful. Nature has all sorts of things in it and as a results, I am left curious to discover the hidden wonders. Dogs can do unbelievable things, we wouldn’t even imagine. Indeed, they are unpredictable, mysterious, smart, protective and fun. Moreover, our dogs can sense our presents, they can hear us from a far distance when you are about to arrive home.Did you also know that dogs can swim by nature unlike human beings?

That’s why dogs are more than they appear to be. Furthermore, dogs seems to be clean in winter compared to summer ,as they play with mud, go swim in dirty water during summer time. I believe that dogs’ nature is good. Therefore, do not under estimate your pet’s potentials or capabilities, for they can do more than you expect. Interestingly, dogs can meditate their owners’ behavior.

For example, you might find a rude owner with his aggressive and bad mannered dog and at the same time, you can find a kind owner accompanied by his sweet and cheerful dog, this is because sometimes, dogs do inherit their owners’ personality types. Importantly, dogs do not like to be treated unfairly, it makes them angry and sad,that’s the reason why you might find them sitting next to you, leaking your feet or barking at you,telling you that they need your attention. Finally, I am proud to acknowledge that dogs are wonderfully, beautifully and intelligently way and THIS IS WHAT NATURE DID TO ME!

by Johanna Shiyukifeni