Am a young Namibian Lady that has went through many challenges that I think that no other may survive.

I was born and raised in Grootfontein, at the age of 12 I Lost my Mother and little did I know that life will change for the worse for me.No matter the endeavours or tears I have went through, I grew up a life of not expressing my feelings or emotions as sometimes what you feel you need to say might offend someone else. From the very moment I lost my mom I knew that I had no one else to turn to.

Life started to become difficult as I now came to high school, Most of the time you would not have what your peers are having but I knew that this was not my destiny and I had to work hard. In my last high school year I was the Head Girl of Augustineum SecondarySchool, Looking back at my high school career I was well known to be one of the smartest learners in school, Grade 12 took its toll on me and I performed a little bit below average, Here I was crushed and thought that the world had just turned bad.

For the school holidays I would go to Grootfontein and the day when the Grade 12 results came out my Grandmother cried thinking that I would just be like any other girl from home with no education and looking for domestic work to do as the norm that was practiced in our household.

I enrolled with National youth service and my life changed drastically. At NYS ( National Youth Service) every Sunsets we would have gatherings in our teams and have to discuss what brought you to NYS and were you see yourself after NYS, Here I have lost all hope in Life and was just living life by every day that approaches, while still in NYS I would constantly thing of how our house in Grootfontein looked ( Broken house windows, about to fall walls and the meals we would eat just to keep up with life) to make matters worse one day a passer-by was asking our neighbour who our house belonged to and she responded thinking that there was no one inside as the house was closed that it’s a house of this other poor people. Trust me those words shattered me, I knew then that it was high time I did something with my life just to put a happy smile on my Grandmothers face.

I was blessed with work in the Government just after almost a year and some months with NYS. As I started working in the Government I was taken in for a low post that was for a Grade 10 holder, I would apply for promotional posts but to no luck. I started to wonder just as to why I had to experience so much failure, where was I going wrong? After almost 2years or so in the same position our posts were regraded and we received back pay and was also at the same time promoted to a higher post. What is life showing you here learn to be patient and accept the situation you are in. With the money I received as Back pay I went and renovated my Grandmothers house and upgraded it to a level of where our Neighbours that used to mock us are now ashamed of their houses, furthermore I upgraded my points and was accepted at the University of Namibia, As we speak now am some years close to getting my Bachelor Degree.

Whenever I felt down I was highly inspired by Sunsets. Sunsets are a perfect explanation of how amazing and cruel life can be towards someone.

As the day goes by a person experiences a lot of feelings ranging from pain, fear, excitementetc. but as the sun set my souls is highly grateful unto the lord that he has taken me passed yet another day. I grew up a poor life, A life of knowing that if I have to give up now I will still remain in the same situation and I have to lift up my head and create a future for myself and live a life that I can give a testament of.

My Grandmother has been the only person that was ever there for me. We grew up in a household of where Domestic work was the only sort of Employment that our parents can do in order to put bread on the table for us. During the day as a young girl you would go play with no worries and return home as the Sunset to enjoy what was set on the table.

I will describe my life as a Sunset because during the darkest and peakiest days of my life Sunsets can also be beautiful. I have recently given in a proposal to the Ministry of Youth so I start up a Non-Profit Organisation called Tinah’s Helping Hand Youth Foundation. The primary goal of my Organisation will solely be to inspire and be inspired. Many people think that giving material things to the poor can help them out of their situation but the key to a poor mans heart is making him realise that only he can change his life.

What is the moto of this story?

As the saying goes “ A broken clock is correct at least two times a day use this say and believe that you maybe In a bad situation now and also things can change drastically within the course of the day as the sunsets and bad will turn into good. Be your own inspiration as we all are here to live and have an inspirational story to share that may one way or the other inspire someone else who may be going through worse. If ever the was a point in your life that you felt like giving up and committing suicide look at where you are today and ask yourself that back then when I was going through the toughest phase of my life I felt like giving up but In turn here I am and everything is fine. Not all of us were born or destined for greatness but only you and your believes can take you to places as long as you live to inspire.

By Albertina Mujoro