My mother and time are my inspiration

My mother and time are my inspiration

Inspiration comes to all of us in many different ways. My inspiration is derived from my mother and time.

My mother guided me through some of my life’s hardest lessons, and she has been there to give me answers to my most troublesome dilemmas. My mother has thoroughly shown me that trust and respect go hand.She has encouraged me through good times and supported me through bad. She has shaped who I am today and has always been there for me. Out of my family members there is one I particularly look up to beyond all the rest,it is my mother. My mother has been by my side since the day I was born.

She has supported me through numerous school activities such as running and soccer but she has also been by my side through many school works. She is not only my mother and friend, but a role model to me as well and I look up to her eminently. My mother has inspired me to aim for my goals, work hard and achievement.When I was young, my mother told me that anything is possible ifI set my mind to it. As am getting old and mature, I become more sophisticated.

I realized that I am in fact limited to specific opportunities based on the direction I chose to take and the decisions I make. I personally believed that not everyone can be successful in achieving their goals, but that everyone is given the opportunity and for me it is how hard I chose to work on achieving my goals and how important it is to me to succeed. My mother encouraged me and I will strive to be like her. My goal was to become a dental assistants. It has been a passion of mine for quite a while and although my interests in careers has switched around a lot over the years, I have finally found the career path I choose to take. My goal has also always been to find a career in which I can help people no matter where I end up in the work force and I find dental assisting to be rather fitting.

I admire the people who partake in this career and I look forward to foreshadowing one of the dental assistants in my office within the next two year to get a greater idea as to what they do. When given the opportunity I have no doubt that I can achieve my goal, because I am ambitious, determined, dedicated, distinguished and when I set a goal for myself, I work hard to achieve it. Apart from my mother inspiration, time is also another part of my inspiration because each day I wake up, I realize that I have less time left than what I had the previous day.

I realize that it should not be wasted in doing unproductive stuff because It motivates me to get the important work done and then pick up another important work to do to develop my mind, learn new skills, improve focus, maintain health and just get busy doing the things that matter. Sometimes, I look at the clock and wonder why the second hand moves so fast and after sometime I realize that life will end soon.

This prevents me to waste my time on useless people who just pass their time for temporary comfort or pleasure. I plan every moment of my time, whom and how to spend with. I plan it so that I could be more productive, more helpful and smarter than I was an hour before. As I am adult, a lot of my friends advise me to hangout, enjoy life, spend time with woman, but I don’t care because only about few of the people in my society are successful and are living the life that they desire. The reason is because they are willing to sacrifice their time and stay uncomfortable. They are always hungry, never satisfied.

I always remember that hard work and sacrifice surely pay off, even if it doesn’t, the pain of regret is far more than the pain of hard work.

by Smitie Augustino



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July 13, 2017