My Children, my Inspiration

My Children, my Inspiration

There’s only one reason, with two words, in which my biggest inspiration lies. The reasons why I get up every morning, dress up, and show up; why I’m encouraged on a daily basis to explore new things, look out for new challenges and possibilities, why I can live my life to the fullest, my kids!

My heart has been broken, shattered and played with.  I have been hurt to my soul, left broken, emotionally and physically.  I was depressed for so long, I went through the darkest possible time in my  life, in a world where I was all alone; alone with my fears, my anger, my hatred! The betrayal I felt, the lack of believing and trust in my fellow human beings, even in myself! I was so lost! The same questions kept on spinning through my mind, day in and day out, over and over, questions on which I could never get answers on, not even until this day. Why me? How did my life fell so apart? What could I have done to avoid all the misery? Why didn’t I try harder? Where did I go wrong? What was my biggest mistake that led to everything?

Then one day I looked in my daughters’ eyes, I saw the innocence, the love for me as her mother, the love for life! That’s when I realized, never mind what has happened in the past, life still goes on, and with my two awesome kids by my side, my life can be beautiful again.

Today I’m finally free again, free from all the darkness that surrounded me for so long, and I can only give all the glory to the Lord, because greater is He that is within me!  He opened my eyes, made me realized how blessed I truly am! I’m staying in one of the most beautiful countries on the continents, with sunsets that will blow your mind, sunny beaches that only bring pleasure, joy and happiness for everyone that have the privilege to step foot on it! Bright nights with shiny stars when you look up in the sky, not to mention our lovely people! Namibia is full of beautiful people, wherever you go, you will see the diversity, the different cultures, the love for each other.

Yes, we do have our differences, but that’s what makes us, “us”. We fight, we argue, we cry, but we also laugh, and when things get tough, we surely know how to stand together and fight together for what’s right, and what’s ours! How can one not love this country?

How can one ever go away from here, never to return? Even those who do go somewhere else, can testify, even though their bodies and minds are somewhere else, their hearts will always be in our Namibia, because Namibia is where home is! If I ever get the opportunity to travel the world, I would gladly say with pride: “I’m from Namibia, Land of the brave! I am so thankful that I had the privilege to grow up in a country like this, that I am able to raise my children here, teach them our values, how to respect their elders, how to respect themselves, and how to respect their country which our forefathers had fought so hard for! I also came to realize, my children, our children, is what makes our lives so much happier.

Through all the hardships and daily problems we are facing, they are our angels without wings, who live in a world where they appear to be much stronger then what we as parents sometimes realize, because sometimes they are the one’s carrying us, and not the other way around, and so often, we forget to just take the time to thank our Heavenly Father for blessing us with them. Everybody in our lives is just borrowed to us, and we should love and cherish those around us, while we are still together. We should make time for family and friends, for that is what keeps us going. Being a single parent is twice the work, twice the stress and twice the tears, but also twice the hugs, twice the love and twice the pride!

By: Ezell Camm