My country, our Namibia

My country, our Namibia

What inspires me about Namibia? My answer would have a lot of aspects, but to put it shortly, it’s my home. What that implies is that even though I was born here, like most of us were, I know that it’s where I belong and that I will always come back to my home. When you’re a kid, you don’t think about stuff like that, about life, home is just the place where you are the happiest. When I was 9 years old I had no worries, no idea of the world out there, and that is what makes childhood so beautiful, you’re free. I was lucky enough to live out my imagination, climb mountains, see the oceans meet the dunes and I could be in the wild and see animals that most people today have only seen on TV. I thank Namibia for my childhood. I’m not an adult yet, but I am awakened to the reality of life and pain, so I’m here, still enjoying the wonders of my country, even though it’s not the same.

If you can freely say: “I am Namibian.” then you know what I’m talking about when I say that this is our Namibia, and even though there are some of you who came here from another country, you can still be adopted into this crazy, wonderful family. If this is you then I believe you have experienced the spirit of Namibia. No matter where you come from, what colour, what culture, here we stand together, because this is where each of us are linked. All of us together make the spirit of Namibia what it is.

The thing that makes our people one of a kind and our country unique is the fact that you can find so many different types of people, with different stories, who are friends and enjoy each other’s company, and maybe all of us aren’t friends, but at least we aren’t enemies. This is how fun, how amazing and how unique our people are from the rest of the world. Being Namibian should inspire all of us.

Our wildlife is something that you just can’t describe to someone. The rhino, to me, is the perfect animal to represent Namibia, because, just like us, it is unique, it is tough, it is rugged and It’s one of those animals that you don’t expect to be one of the most important. All the animals you find in Namibia are majestic, either predator like the lion with its mighty roar or prey like the eland with its magnificent horns, still so beautiful. To see these creatures is an entirely different situation, going into the bush is an indescribable experience all on its own. Just being there in the moment you can feel the essence of nature and this makes Namibia one of those places you should experience for yourself to understand.

A Namibian sunset is beauty at its finest. It is in those few moments before it’s completely dark where you will be taken to a place of total submersion in nature and flawlessness. The irony is that it awakens your heart right before your mind should rest. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can just go outside when the sun is about to set and you’ll still see it, because that’s the beauty of it, it’s Namibia.

I can’t go without saying this, but Namibia isn’t perfect. Our government has its flaws, our people have their flaws and we have problems in our country, but that’s all part of it, right. If we truly are Namibians, we should take the good with the bad, not saying we don’t have to solve the problems, but that there will always be something else, some other problem or issue and that’s a fact, but another fact is, we’ll still get through.

This brings me to my conclusion. What about Namibia inspires you, because that’s what it’s all about. Each person has his or her own opinion and reason for being a Namibian or a reason for staying here. There are stories in every soul across the country that probably won’t be heard, but I’m asking every person reading this to think about what your story holds and to answer the question for yourself. People may not hear the story or they might not understand or agree, hey, some of you might not even agree with what I’m saying, but that’s your opinion and I am asking you to have that. Everyone has their story, find it, gain inspiration from it and stay alive. What you say matters, what you believe matters, because if all of us know where we belong, but more importantly why, then we as Namibians can grow proudly together. We the people are the spirit and inspiration that drives Namibia to flourish, because this is our home. This is our Namibia.


Johannes Scholtz