My inspiration

My inspiration

Honourable Hifikepunye Lucas Pohamba

The formal President of Namibia, DR Hifikepunye Pohamba has been just one of my top inspiring leaders in my life. I always want to be a leader, for Namibia for that matter with him as my central role model. He is a dedicated leader who have Namibia at heart. Him being a president, a headman and Chancellor of the University of Namibia at the same time.

This is a clear indication of his quality leadership and a good example that I have learnt from him. He calls up for education for all and played a distinction role in vocational training from which thousands of Namibian has benefited from. Therefore,he is just a glamorous man in adapting the Mento “one Namibia one nation.” He is a very kind and a man of people that the world is whispering about his fantastic leadership.

He makes people laugh and he like making jokes even in periods that seem to be tough periods. I remember when he joked to his fellow comrade in the SWAPO congress of 2012 when he said: “One could ask, why the government is reporting to SWAPO? Why not? This is a SWAPO party government. It was elected by people to lead and govern in the faith of all Namibians, and we are doing a good thing.” I love his voice and I severely liked to imitate him the way he speaks with a calm and smart voice.

I remember in 2009 when I stole my mum’s radio and go with it to look after cattle because there was Dr Pohamba’s speech that I wanted to listen at. It has been really something that I enjoy and I have learnt a lot from him, so he is just a star for my life. “On the 22 March, I may wake up at 12h00.” This is what made me feel heart broken when I read his interview with the Namibian Managing Editor Mr Christof Maletsky. He was going to hand over the presidency to Dr Hage Geingob. What first came to my mind was that; I was no more going to enjoy him as I use to before.

Even when he left the state house, it seems that he wants to lead even much more. Imagine! How old he is? but he is still an active leader! If it could have not been age, he could be a leader for many more years to come. Yes, indeed he is capable of that! Both traditionally and politically. He is an active politician until today in the old age. Now the question is; why not me who is still under 30 age? Imagine 82-25=57 years old, a difference of almost a pensioner! Hahahahah! That is the question I always play around in whatever I am doing and it really encourage me to do better.

Therefore,I always try to lead better than what Dr Pohamba did. Honourable Pohamba is a man of God, who marked a holly foot print in the Namibian soil, when he launched a day of prayers which I will never try to forget. This day was dedicated for asking Gods help for reformation and renewal of Namibian men who are engaged in an on-going killing of women.

They do not fear God the creator! Believe me, this has helped even the killing did not come to zero.For this, God bless president Pohamba for what he did. Honorary he is a hero who fought for Namibia. He was among the likes of the Founding Father Dr Sam Safoyihuna Nuyoma, the late honourable Helmut Adimba Toivo YaToivo and many others just to mention a few.

They are the people who made Namibia free from its colonial master. They have been sweating and suffered for this country and again they are the one who restructured the country from damage caused by the war. I am happy that, they made our country a human habitat of which we all live in harmony today. Hands to all of them for what they did and extraordinary respect to them of which I feel they deserve more than that.

Long live Dr Hihfikepunye Pohamba!

by Akumbi Nestor