My inspirations

My inspirations

Namibia is one of the fewest countries that represent diversity in Africa and across the world as well.  From the different cultures of our nation to the beautiful ecosystems around the country, Namibia is also credited for its beauty when it comes to the Namib desert, which is the second largest desert in the world from the Sahara desert, and also for its glorious mountains, vegetation and wildlife. As a young Namibian artist that is still in search of their own identity in a sea filled with more older and experienced fishes, I find it quite easy to get inspiration from my surroundings. Inspiration for me it’s what keeps an individual going and moving forward in their everyday life and what inspires one might be different or the same when it comes to another individual.

My inspirations are part of whom I am growing into and play small roles in my world. My inspirations come from the individualistic people I encounter on a daily basis, people with goals and dreams that are closely linked to mine. There is also something about the different cultures in Namibia that deeply fascinate me and make me want to convert to their ways, either it’s their mesmerizing traditional dances, the traditional food or maybe it’s their traditional attire. Whatever it is though it still inspires me and I love it, but there is something about the Caprivian culture that just intrigues me out of all the other cultures.

Sunsets and ocean views are just amazing and breathtaking at the same time, nothing so far can beat a beautiful sunset and a gorgeous view of waves crashing on the rocks near the shore. When I think of a breathtaking art piece to paint the first thing that comes to mind is a view of a resting body of water with the colours of a setting sun over it and that to me is an inspirational artwork. It’s very easy to be influenced by everyday situations and things around us that we might usually take for granted like for example the art and crafts we see on the streets sold by street vendors that usually fascinate tourists, to me that takes a whole lot of inspiration from the people who craft these pieces of art.

To them it might be a way of making an income, but to other people such as myself I would consider that a form of art and what inspires them to make these crafts will be things like their cultural beliefs and the Namibian wildlife, that is basically things they find in their surroundings. All of the things I have mentioned above are part of what inspirates me daily and are also part of the reasons why I am proud to be a Namibian citizen.

by Alicia Ndakolute