My Sisters, you are inspiring

My Sisters, you are inspiring

As a South African born, living in Namibia for the past 4 years I have experienced first hand Namibian love and splendor without taking it for granted and without a ‘just the way it should be’ attitude. My parents being Namibians, I have felt the sting of a bath after spending the entire day on a Henties bay beach, skin scratched raw from the sand and icy water, those were the days. Braaing the catch of the day, eating watermelon for dessert and running out the dunes with my brother and our new found friends -“just one more time mom”.

I am sure my experience as a child in Namibia shaped my view in moving here after graduating, leaving my birth land, and becoming a Namibian Citizen. Fearful and fresh out of university I drove with my dad from Stellenbosch to Windhoek, it was December 2013. Dusty and arid was my first thought, and my goodness these roads are straight you don’t even have to hold the steering wheel.

Every encounter that day was pleasant, slowly I began to relax. Since that day I have experiences the selfless upliftment under woman of Namibia: To you my dear at the Engen in Keetmanshoop whom helped me with my Namibian contact number  and  reassuring me everything will be just fine– I still have the same number, you are the reflection of true kindness.

To my new friends, you are true and pure in your deeds and you inspire other woman, this is an attribute that no money can buy. Over the past few years I have come to know amazing woman. Stunning beauty vests in their souls. In a day and age where domestic violence is still a reality, when woman sometimes do not get the same recognition as their fellow workers, I have seen how woman show devoting and unconditional support to one another. The power of woman can not be divided, we as woman do not strive to be like men, we strive to be the best woman we can be.

We can not be beaten at our own game. But most importantly our power lies in uplifting each other everyday, excepting our faults when pointed out and truly loving each other and by showing happiness in each others success – we all hold a noble position in society. I have travel all over our one of a kind country. I have seen different cultures, I work together with woman of cultures unlike any country in the world.

Every evening whilst resting my head it is with a smile, knowing I am part of this amazing overall-culture of respect between the woman of Namibia. We will not be defined, our loving demeanor will not be uprooted, we are powerful. We are the jewels of Namibia, the purest of diamonds, the strongest of metals. We are raw power, power that can not be tamed, power that will endure all because we stand together, we reflect  a culture of respect for each other, the world can learn from the woman in Namibia, we have this art mastered,  we are INSPIRING!


Zelda Buitendag