My Story

My Story

In August 1983 my life was in a mess and I decided to get out of Cape Town, but I did not know where to. I just started to hike to that time Namibia. My sister stayed in Windhoek. I were into drugs and alcohol. I did not even know how to get to Namibia, but if I got a lift I ask the person if I am still on the right road. I got to Noordoewer late that night (was a good thing, because I think if it was daylight I might have turn back) from there I got a straight lift to Windhoek.

The next morning when I saw the first daylight I fell in love with this country. I just knew this is the place that I should be without a doubt. I realised that the people from this country are so friendly and helpful like nowhere else. The open spaces in this country is just what I need. Needless to say that I never went back to South Africa, today I am a proud Namibian.

Shortly after I arrived here I went to Etosha and that place healed my soul and my body. Etosha was better than any doctor or rehab, there I realised that there are much more to life than drugs and all the other ugly things. I saw the beauty that I never saw before. There was a time that I went 4 to 5 times a year to Etosha. Today 33 years later I still do not use anymore drugs or anything else.

Still today if I feel down or depressed I can just go and stay at Etosha Safari Lodge and go and sit at a waterhole in Etosha for hours and that silence helps to heal me. I like the fact that you do not have to drive far to go and switch of and just listen to the silence and watch the most beautiful sunrise and sunsets and animals. For me Etosha is a place of healing. I love this country.

Thank you Gondwana for places where you can go to heal your body and soul. KEEP IT UP!!!


Riana Swart