Nam Vibes

Nam Vibes

Namibia a country of evolution and a country of pride. Throughout time, the land of the brave has grown and set the standard of where the most physical and emotional pleasures can be found. If I said I only had one aspect that inspired me, I would be out of my mind, because Namibia has as many aspects to love as there are letters in the alphabet.

When people around the world look on a map and see Namibia, they simply see a tourist stop on their journey through Africa. Who can fault them after all, to be honest we did not give the world major icons of inspiration such as Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi, nor did we release any great inventions such as the light bulb. Nevertheless, for most of the people here in Namibia – our country is more unique than that, it has a special surging sensation that makes those who visit us keep coming back.

That special surging sensation that I like to call Nam Vibes is what wakes me up in the morning and keeps the blood in my body flowing, it is those Nam Vibes that inspire me to be the best countryman and young leader that I aspire to be. I can feel the Nam Vibes almost everywhere I go in this great land, it is the feeling I get when I walk past the ‘Meme’ selling her quality products in the street and she waves at me and asks, “How are you my brother?”, when I go to the Single Quarters and the ‘Tate’ gives me a free Kapana taste, when I take a taxi and the driver tells me his life story and gives me advice, when I watch a Brave Warriors’ match and we all shout in one unified voice or even when I get a haircut and the barber takes extra caution to ensure that I look like a true gentlemen at school the following Monday.

These are only a few of the many examples of the Nam Vibes that I am talking about. I know it may be easy to confuse Nam Vibes with the spirit of family or just the people being really polite, although it does incorporate both those things, this is but one factor of Nam Vibes. Furthermore, Namibia is one of the most peaceful and diverse countries in Africa and this is another aspect that contributes to the Nam Vibes.

In Namibia, one can wake up every day and walk freely around knowing that they will not be shot by a bias police officer, be blown up by radicals, burned or abducted. I am proud to state that most of the ethnic barriers that divide most societies in the world have mostly disappeared from Namibia.

One can really come to admire the unity of many different cultures that come from all over Africa to reside in Namibia. The aspect that inspires me in that, is that whereas in most places in the world such Scotland, Germany, Australia and so on, one would have to travel half way around the world to experience the level of diversity and unity we have here in Namibia, while we simply have to step outside our homes. In short, the second and definitely the most inspirational factor of Nam Vibes is the feeling of peace, diversity and unity that ruins triumph in Namibia.

Lastly, did you know that in most countries around the world the cities are over run by massive modern sky scrapers and architecture that only create a feeling of temporary astonishment and remove all authenticity and history from the area, however, this is not the case in Namibia. Here, there is a combination of modern, old fashioned European style and native architecture that can seldom be found anywhere else in the world. This is another major aspect of Nam Vibes. The other day, I was in the museum and I met a tourist couple from the United States of America who were here for their third time now and they actually provided me with these facts.

Therefore, when I say Namibia has those delightful Nam Vibes that keep people coming back, there are people around the world that would absolutely agree with me. Conclusively, when asked to write about what inspired me about this astonishing country of ours known as Namibia, I thought to myself it is impossible to only choose one aspect, therefore, I created a whole new genre, Nam Vibes, just to describe a few of my most favourite aspects, of the Land of the Brave, that I strongly believe should not and cannot be mentioned alone.

By Frans Shikulo