Namibia, your heart beats in rhythm with my heart; your song resonates with my soul. My roots are deep in your soil and hold me steadfastly clinging to you. Your vast open spaces, your undulating desert landscape and sheer endless horizon awaken in me a deep sense of my littleness and your infinity. Long before I was you have been and long after I have been you will still be. When I gaze upon your beauty I can embrace life and all it has in stall for me, and I can dream the seemingly impossible dream of peace on earth and good will between man and nature.

In your people there is a strength to endure until the bitter end, to persevere against all odds and yet not to loose their joy and boundless celebration of life whenever the drumbeats call. Your elders have wisdom that goes beyond mere education.

To sit at their feet and hear their stories of old enriches us and widens our perspective of life and our perception of our fellow human beings. Your people mirror the diversity of your landscapes. May God bless us with insight to not only accept our differences, but to share them with each other and, thus, reach a deeper understanding of each other and live together in harmony. There is so much we can learn if only we would take time off from the hustle and bustle of our busyness in pursuit of prestige and wealth. Namibia you have taught me much and you inspire me again and again to:

Tread softly where others trample.

Speak kindly where others shout.

Care deeply where others hate.

Judge not where others condemn.

Flatter not where others grovel.

Be humble where others are haughty.

Be honest where others deceive.

Stay true where others betray.

by Gisela