I am a daughter of the land of the brave uprooted from the soils of Otjimbingwe and raised in
Windhoek, therefore I feel honored and privileged to walk on the Namibian land. The land of
natural beauty , diversity ,the backbone of preserved culture. Which in itself is already inspirational.
If you wake up very early in the morning just before the night departs to the wake of the morning
sunset that will take its place for the new day- with your hot cup of coffee outside and carefully
listen. You might hear the voices of our freedom fighters – their marches in the streets claiming
back their ancestral land resisting apartheid.

The brave , courageous chants of our forefathers
encouraging our people to continue the fight of freedom. With the final sip of your refreshing
morning coffee you can hear if your quiet still the long waited celebration of independence that
took place on the 21st March 1991. Namibia , a breathtaking place full of history. History you can
feel with every footstep you take because every footstep is one you take in the place of an invisible
footprint of those left by our ancestors and with every footstep their voices of hope and thanks
giving for Namibia is whispered.
Every place you go in Namibia , wether its north ( Ovamboland ) , south (Mariental) , east
(Gobabis) or west (Walvis Bay, Swakopmund) – has its own unique historical tale of inspiration of
what happened in that particular place and the old buildings and people of diversity in their different
tribes . How the people take pride in their local languages each of the tribes have namely: the
Damara/Nama people, Herero, Wambo, Caprivi, Kavango, Coloureds, Basters etc.

The people ,
have a nature of being themselves not easily shaken by western influence . Here , I feel that I can be
who I am and that I am not ashamed because people make it easy for me to be who I am because
they are true to themselves. I am blessed to have learned something from different people in
Namibia- Their ways, costumes, cultures, stories, believes , religion, languages and respect.
When you walk in the busy city streets or in the locations of Katutura , you will see the pride of the
Namibian people , setting up their stalls very early in the morning – selling their hand made items
such as bead necklaces, leather bags, wooden crafts, paintings, clothes – others selling traditional
( Matangara, goat head, delicious pieces of tribe- with sauce you eat with either pap or fresh baked
bread) food from their pots on fire – the traditional way- as early as 05h00 in the morning in order
to make a decent living for themselves . The Namibian people are hardworking and that in itself is
The real inspiration comes from how Namibia gives me a choice to leave the busy city life and
escape to nature. I can escape to Etosha National Park – where I can see our majestic animals; lions,
elephants, cheetahs , springbok, hyenas and the beauty of the nature , the friendly Namibian sun
the talkative wind and the troubled mountains.

Sossusvlei, endless sea of rust red dunes, the
bleached white pan and gnarled ancient trees. Other places that are just as relaxing and a breath of
fresh air are Skeleton Coast, Damaraland, Namib -Naukluft Park and Fish river canyon to mention a
few more. The Namibian nature welcomes everybody that wishes to embrace it , listen to it’s
stories , dance with the winds and be caught up in the rain whilst under your tents – camping in
nature sometimes shook awaken by the ramblings of elephants walking nearby.

The nature gives
you an inspiring sense of adventure the rush and thrill of being anything you want to be -going for
that leap of faith taking on wildlife sanctuaries not knowing what animal you might come face to
face with.
Mostly , I love to escape to farm life –nothing beats the goodness of tea/coffee over early morning
fire , the sounds of the goats, cows, pigs and chickens. The children playing , laughing and adults
doing their farm work while singing in harmony to ease the workload. Ride on donkey carts or on
horses. Food cooked over the fire is the best ever and before going to bed at night – grandmother
telling old folktales over the fire and the last cup of coffee before turning in whilst admiring the
beautiful purple-blueish Namibian sunset.
I am proud to be Namibian. Everyday has its own story . It’s stories of hope , inspiration,
beauty,poverty, bravery, courage , failure , success, crime etc. Stories with different emotion to it ;
sadness, laughter, anger, depression, happiness. Stories from our Namibian people, animals, nature,
sunset, our children and the stories of the love we have for each other as Namibian people. I wear
the pride of the people on my sleeve. I am Namibian. I am inspired.

by Kibi Tsuses