When you hear about vast fields, big pans, oldest desert, cultural diversity and unique fauna and flora, what comes to mind?

She went through a lot! She was colonized by Germans, Apartheid lead to the separation of ethnic groups, people were killed and land was taken away. And yet she survived.

Namibia is situated in Southern Africa with a population of 2.1 Million people. We have 14 regions with diverse cultures. How can one not be inspired by the fact that each ethnic group aspires to be as one. It is vital for Namibians to thrive for peace amongst ethnic groups. We appreciate the differences and embrace the similarities. The past stays a memory which is used to solidify relationships. How can one not use that strength and character trade of Namibia? She went through the worst thing known to men but made the best out of it. It is an inspiration for each person to make the best of each situation. To respect each person for whom they are and to forgive your enemy to be the best that you can be. Namibia has many languages but we use the same voice when trying to mend broken hearts.

Namibian is a developing country. We improve ourselves on a daily basis. We are exposed to the western world’s influences yet we retain our culture. It is only in Namibia that you find ethnic groups still practice their traditions. From the food they eat to the way they dress especially the San people to mention a few. No electricity and no social media yet they thrive on a daily basis. One tends to lose focus when exposed to various situations and lose ourselves in the process. Namibia will inspire you to accept yourself and to retain your moral values. To embrace every moment and opportunity given. In essence Namibia will teach you to love yourself and to live a full and adventurous life.

Namibia is a strong player when it comes to conservation. This teaches me that we should think of the generation to come and not deplete what we have all at once. To make the best out of what we have and at the same time educate others about the rare. Namibia has 82 registered communal conservancies where we safeguard the wild to preserve and conserve it for the future. We are educate people about what we have in the sense of tourism by opening up our skies to international visitors to show them what we have to offer in this way we take every opportunity to eradicate poverty to improve the lives of the domestic people. Namibia is admired internationally for it effort in linking tourism with conservation and in the efforts to ensure that rural communities benefit from tourism. This is Namibia’s way of showing that she is willing to take care of all her citizens.

Sustainability goes hand in hand with conservation therefore we make sure that all developments must be socially, environmentally and economically sustainable, and sustain or enhance the culture, heritage, geographical character and well-being of all Namibians. When it comes to sustainability we are recognized on a global level, this just shows you that no matter how small you are you can be significant.

Even though all the adversities faced by our great Namibia. She refused to fall; instead all rose up and fought for our independence, which is commemorated on the 24th of March. To this day Namibia is constantly taking baby steps in improving the lives of all Namibians. Namibia is truly heroic in every sense, therefore an inspiration to all.

by Wynona Baumgarten