Namibia… grounded serenity.

Namibia… grounded serenity.

A country where your first breath opens the mind to release all cloudiness and ground you with raw beauty that has been around for millions of years.

Namibia… a country where you are struck with humanity that mirrors through their eyes; a humbleness that reminds you what is important in life. A small twinkle that embraces you to their home as if you have been friends and family for years. Namibia… a country that brings you to tears with its natural beauty and gives you the time to sit, breathe and embrace.

The presence of nothing reminding you just how much you really need to survive. Namibia… a country where Jagermeiser runs through many channels. Where people don’t shy away with go big or go home but replaces it with go big and you’re welcome to our home. A country where I think star fish positions in a 4 x 4 and a sports bra should be compulsory upon introduction.

Especially when camping in a canyon on a dry river bed surrounded with a breath taking nothingness. An experience where the full moon lights your way at night and the break of dawn is filled with promising gold. An almighty power that feeds your soul and brings you to your knees. Namibia… a country that has been my neighbour for 34 years and now have opened up its doors for a future filled with lasting memories and promises more than the eyes can count.

Namibia… We welcome you to our family.


by Margriet