Namibia… Our land of the Brave.

Namibia… Our land of the Brave.

Here I stay in the outback of a rural community.

We are a small community of 2000 inhabitants.

.but a community of

unity,peace and much love.


All because of our beautiful country..

Here I experience  the most  peaceful &serene moments of our  Unique Namibia.

our Country of Grasslands.

Our Country of extreme beauty.


Where in the world..would an elephant come into a little town.. eating the Mahango and prickly pears.. while you can Experience this through your kitchen window.


Or  an early morning travel to Town..

accompanied by a few giraffes galloping next to the

vehicle.. with utmost grace and  tranquility.


Here in this outback  serene little town of Kavango Cattle Ranch..

I experience and enjoy .

a Namibia all in one.

Culture events of the traditional Kavango inhabitants..

Long drives in the veld.

with  Mahango harvest.

with extrodinary wildlife.

perhaps a small  Warthog or a minute Dung beetle.

Struggling with a journey of collecting it’s luggage of Dung and grass.

Then suddenly.. at the wink of an eye..

a large herd of Santa Gertruidas Cattle.


And in the quiet of A Namibian night.

the lonely call of a Jackal.

With the clear skies of forever..



my  country.

You do us Pride.

This magnificent country of  Africa.

is a Jewel of profound

Quailty .and Pureness.


Here my soul can  come to Rest ..


a Country  with a

TOUCH OF class.

That no money can buy.



Camel thorns..


an unraptured  Jewel

Genuine Inhabitants taking hands in Unity.

I Salute Namibia.

My Country ..


by Marianna du Toit