Namibian Women

Namibian Women

The desire that strives through the veins of the Namibian women, the sweating from the emerging of sunlight to sun set. It hurts me to see a woman with a basket on her head, and a young baby on her back, with another small boy or girl walking besides her, interacting with the lyrics of the struggle in order to provide an adequate meal for her children. My greatest inspiration in life is women who face reality to the best of their senses, unlike some man who selfishly plough their semen in innocent women and walk away on their duties.

Women are the core existence of nature, it is because of women that some of us are who we are today. If women where to be compared to products they would have been the highest sold, or the most demanded goods in the market. In most parts of our country, one would see that women are the most disadvantaged people in Namibia faced with a drought of opportunities and their tears are in extinction because of suffering.

Women isolated by power, women enshrined by fate. Every time I see a capable women, either working as a security guard, or sitting in the sun the whole day, I think of social injustice, and unequal distribution of resources. Women are the foundation of living and the ingredient that modifies progress. We need to stand up for our mothers and acknowledge their contributions in our lives. My greatest aspiration in life will always be women, and I will always respect and value women, because they play a vital role in our day-to-day lives.

Women victimized by sorrow,women exposed to varies kinds of humiliation within our societies, women enslaved by violence, but their eager and motive to progress never disintegrates.

Udeiko Tutaleni