Namibian women

Namibian women

Namibia is the land of diverse women, all respected in their own rights and classified as hardworking, determined, humble or successful, in my view. The Land of Brave has produced women who are selfless, passionate or dynamic in their societies in order to make changes that will not only benefit the Namibian nation but the world at large. The generation of tomorrow will not only read or hear about the male legends that were produced in the mother land who brought upon change/s to the lives of many men and women, boys and girls but also of the women of the nation pioneering in different areas of speciality in order to curb the notion that men are the only ones that showed stalwartness in their characteristics  towards fighting for the cause of  a better Namibia, filled with opportunities  in all areas, ranging from education, health to humility etc.

The Namibian woman is a beacon of hope. She is not only a mother, sister or friend to her family and friends but she is also the mother of the nation, because her good deeds, gestures or sacrifices not only advantage those within her bubble but it reaches and touches or, most importantly, changes the lives of the nation or the world at large.

Dr Helena Ndume, an ophthalmologist by profession, is the first Namibian woman that inspires me. She is known as Namibia’s miracle doctor. Dr Ndume was the very first beneficiary of the United Nations Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela prize in 2015, which is bestowed in acknowledgment of an individual’s dedicated service to humanity, in the promotion of reconciliation, social cohesion and community development, guided by the purposes and principles of the UN. What inspires me the most about Dr Ndume is her selflessness and voluntary work that she does for the Namibian people, her yearly eye camps with the aim of restoring sight in the blind, and that is what sets her apart from many ophthalmologists in the country. Her humanity towards serving the nation is what we as a nation should appreciate and follow in our different professions.

Johanna Benson is a Paralympian athlete from Walvis Bay, Namibia. She is another phenomenal woman that inspires me. She suffers from a condition called cerebral palsy, yet her strong-will and determination to be a world recognized Paralympic athlete is what inspires me. Johanna won a gold medal in the Women’s 200m T37 race in the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London. She was the first athlete from Namibia to win a Paralympic gold medal and the first competitor to win gold across either Olympic or Paralympic games. Benson is a true example of what the mind perceives it can achieve, regardless of condition or situation.

Namibia is a country blessed with women that are excelling both locally and internationally in either their studies or careers. Namibia is blessed with women who are beautiful and who leave a mark wherever they go. The Land of the Brave has women who thrive in a male-dominated world, giving hope to the Namibian girl child to challenge the status-quo. Namibia has a bright future and with so many influential, successful, diligent and strong-minded women to look up to and follow example from, I do believe that anything is possible for the Namibian girl child or woman.

By Protasia Katharina Tobias