Peace Love and Happiness: “Namibia Eden of Earth“

Peace Love and Happiness: “Namibia Eden of Earth“

Blessed are those that live with hearts full of love, those who live in communities dictated by peace, a spirit of togetherness and a whole lot of humanitarian hearts. “Eden of Earth” is what I personally call places where you find people highly privileged to be living in such communities. Places like this don’t just exist by chance as a cause of the forces of nature, but it all depends on the efforts, the dedication and the willingness of community members to live as one big happy family, who refuse to live with hearts intoxicated by dark forces of hatred.

As close as it is to a fairy-tale life, a real life example of people so close to being perfect in maintaining peace is the Namibian people. The peace in Namibia is so much that you can easily make use of it as a remedy to freshen up your mind during stressful moments or rather during emotional breakdowns. Despite the fact that Namibia is still a developing country facing so many economical and social problems such as occasional droughts, unemployment, low incomes,homelessness and a lot more, the Namibian people just never cease to amaze me as to how they manage to never lose their focus in keeping the peace and harmony within the borders of the country. One thing I know for sure is that there is a real concrete political stability and a whole lot of companionship amongst the people, thus the peace and stability. The Namibians surely have nobody else but themselves to thank for the peace in the Land of the Brave, as this peace highly compensates for many other basic necessities the people are not privileged to have access to. At least the peace is worth smiling for and being proud of oneself.

If compared to a lot of other nations all around the word, the difference is clearly visible with no doubt. Some Namibians such as myself fail to understand as to why it is so hard for some nations to maintain peace for even a single day when it seems to be a very easy thing for us to do. People are seen every single day on TVs fighting each other in civil wars. Some even go as far as taking the war beyond the borders of their countries, fighting over issues that can be easily resolved in a more peaceful approach. These are the very same countries that if you decide to step a foot in, it will be more or less the same as signing your own death wish. Any citizen of one of these war torn countries would surely dream of fleeing to a country like Namibia, to come and experience living in no fear of rebels and all kinds brutal life threatening experiences. I believe the peace in Namibia also contributes highly as to why some tourists choose Namibia as their holiday destination. I mean who wouldn’t want to enjoy the pleasure of visiting some of the world’s greatest tourist attraction sites with no fear of returning back home safely.

At times, I try to put myself in the shoes of the Namibian president, trying to imagine how difficult it might be ruling a country like Namibia. But no matter how hard I try to make the situation difficult for myself as an imaginary president, I always come to a conclusion that, “As a Namibian president, it won’t be too much of rocket science to pull of a successful ruling term. ”The Namibian people are so supportive. Namibians have brought upon themselves and adopted to a very wonderful habit of participating in important programs that contribute highly to nation building. They also do not just sit back and relax waiting for their representatives and leaders to spoon feed them or provide them with even the most basic of needs they can get without the involvement of the heads of state. This does not only solve current problems the Namibians are facing, but it also helps highly in educating and inducing a healthy culture in the young generation on what is important in life and what to get yourself involved in, in order to live a guaranteed great future.

If it wasn’t for the Namibian people and the exceptional way they have chosen on how to deal with life and approaching matters, Namibia wouldn’t have been the beautiful country it is today. So if there is anything that inspires me the most in Namibia, it is the Namibian people themselves and I believe they should really be considered as a great inspiration,not just to me but by everybody else all around the word.

By: Lisias H. Kalimba