Safe Haven

Safe Haven

I’ve been thinking of a story to tell you of what inspires me most about Namibia and its people. There is so much to tell, but I guess the best version of a story is always how you tell your story. Namibia, is a place with so much tranquility and with the most breathtaking scenery and Natures wonders. With so much history and humanity. Above all countries, I would say a “Safe Haven”.

The country is famous for its Significant tourist attractions such as:

  • Etosha National Park- One of Nature’s wildlife conservations
  • Our Fish River Canyon- The second most visited tourist attraction and largest Canyon in Southern Hemisphere
  • Dune 45 – Situated in Sossusvlei area of Namib Dessert in Namibia

Each of these places are an experience of a lifetime and has its own story to tell. English is the International language overall in the World, but in Namibia there is so many other languages and cultures:

We get the Baster culture who are famous for their homestead that is based in Rehoboth – a promised land with hot springs since 1870.

Damara Culture  they together with the Bushmen are one of the oldest nations in Namibia.

Herero -A distinct feature of the Herero culture is the dress of the women, which pays homage to the importance of cattle farming to the Herero people.  Women wear a horn shaped hat made from a rolled cloth, the ‘horns’ stretch out horizontally on either side of the head. Otherwise their dress is quite distinctly and interestingly Victorian. The dress consists of crinoline that is worn over petticoats. These dresses are considered to be the proper dress for married Herero women. And yes we have many more cultures that originated in Namibia.

The history of Namibia is so significant. We became Independent on 21 March 1990. I have realized ample times how privileged we are to live in a country that is free of fear. I don’t see myself living elsewhere. Especially, now that the World we live in is full of catastrophe stories. I don’t know what inspires me more – Is the Culture?, the Wildlife?, The places? I guess all of these combined inspires me. What is truly remarkable to me about this country and its people- is how they care about their country “Namibia “and the rest of the World and the less fortunate.

We know how to live a great life but what is more, is that , we hold each other’s hand in hard times. An example of this _ About a week or two ago Knysna has experienced a tragedy resulting the poor people, left with almost nothing after the fire burned down their homes. We were so noble and honorable to buy food, clothes, blankets etc. and send it to Knysna. And the list goes on…. For decades, Namibia and its people have opened their hands towards organization’s starting with shelters, orphanages, street kids, churches, old age homes. We really do take care for the Community and the World. Namibia is our home. Home to our Wildlife.

The country for Opportunities. Namibia is our SAFE HAVEN.

by Laudine Januarie