Silent moments

Silent moments

‘’For my part I know nothing but the sight of the stars makes me dream.’’’(Vicent Van Gogh)

It was never going to be an ordinary day. Walking down Independence Avenue I see an African girl: immediately I am fascinated by her amazing skin tone, her obvious full lips and spread out African thick hair. Her strength is portrayed by the look in her eyes and the way she carries herself is clearly expected. In her I see bravery and an inherent power. To me her supremacy isn’t control at all, it is her womanhood and her half claimed royalty. As she speeds down the street carrying what seems to be a day’s lunch, she notices my unquestionable gaze; Unknowingly, I look away and that is a thinking moment for me. Namibia as a country is a mere destination; it doesn’t inspire me! I believe we have made our country a true epitome of beauty and diversification.

Sitting on the same bench as I look upon the busy individuals rushing by, I notice that we make Namibia: it’s our past, present and future. It’s our good taste for Kapana, our dramatic flair and weekly unending featured stories. As I embark on my journey, I see a mother, a sister, a daughter and an African queen unpacking her almost squeezed stock. Immediately that catches my attention: I am Inspired. It is this flourishing spirit in her to do it for herself and provide for her family against countless odds, it is ordinary Namibians like her that wake up every day in the face of suffering and decide to give life a second chance and chase their dreams. I’m inspired by the child next to her. As I look closer, she seems starved by the unsympathetic cold but against all odds: she smiles at me and continue to play with her ageing doll.

I love the entrepreneurial spirit embodied everywhere: this inspires me about Namibian people. As I walk uphill to my destination, I realize that we are as Namibians aren’t perfect, we are not always considerate but that is in our human nature. Love and kindness is not always our outmost desire but we are People, we are Africans, we are from the land of the brave and as life goes on: I cannot think of a much better place to be, for I love being a Namibian and that inspires me. Here’s to Namibian people that inspire me and don’t even know it.

Similarly, as the moral of any life story: no matter how much the world tries to hold you back, always continue with the confidence that what you want to achieve is conceivable. Believing you can become prosperous is the most significant step in actually achieving it.

by Luise Shikongo