“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home”

“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home”

Namibia being a small country with a population of approximately two million people, divided into fourteen regions, with about sixteen languages, and numerous tribes each with a different cultural diversity of doing things in different ways. Namibian cultures comes with an amazing taste of traditional colourful attires, dances, food and assorted ways of preparing food and above all the distinctive customs of living and beliefs. Uniqueness suits describing our colourful traditional wears, every tribe has its symbolic attire(s), with colours that we believe brightens our lives as a nation. We have a ethnic groups such as blacks, whites and coloured individuals yet we see each other beyond our skin colours.

The Aawambo, Namas, and Herero are some of the tribes that Namibia as a country holds in its belly, each one with a different way of communication and doing things, but being all Namibians we opt to say “I am Namibian” rather than “I am an Aawambo or Nama”. We are a nation that is not defined by tribes of belonging but by the national and collective name Namibia. We are one, one Namibia one nation. Our unwavering support of each other and close relationship as citizens inspires me. One author wrote “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home,” thus I am inspired by my Namibia as it demonstrates our spirit of Ubuntu by caring for each other through our kind hospitality in accommodating asylum seekers, as we welcome our brothers and sisters from neighbouring countries and those from far away and treat them as part of us.

We know no discrimination to those we share our kind hospitality with, we see them as our brothers and sisters and not label them as foreigners, and that proves that my Namibia is a xenophobic free nation. Namibia, My mother-A nation with a mother’s heart; I am inspired by the humanitarian spirit that Namibia holds, a nation with generosity. Even though most Namibians are statistically Christians, the nation has a room for non-Christians to practice religious beliefs of their choice; each person have the right and the freedom to choose what they wish to believe in.

The wishes of those that are not Christians are fulfilled and respected, we look beyond religious and choose love to reign despite tiny differences. It is by these unique individuals that a ‘nation’ is born, we are indeed one nation!Namibia is a country of peace and stability, our leaders focus on keeping our country peaceful. Our national flag portray a white colour in it,is described as peace that reign on over the nation. We are a nation of visionary leaders that are determined to achieve a nation of unity, liberty and justice.

My Namibia, My pride, a place of safety to continental and international visitors; a home away from home to tourists, we are the land of the brave. I am moved by the harmony in which my nation lives in. We took advantage of our geographical design, each region is impressively known for a specific natural and symbolic feature that it has. Have a closer look at Oshana Region; known for its Oshanas (wide openings that allows water flow), Kunene Region; famous for its indigenous Ovahimba people and their traditional attires and way of living that is  unique from any other culture; Khomas Region; the central region that host the capital city (Windhoek) of our country also known for its mountains, Erongo Region; known for accommodating the Namib Desert, and the two Kavango Regions (West and East); known for the prestigious Kavango River, just to mention a few.

The land of the brave, surely the home to many hearts.

My Namibia, MY INSPIRATION. Reign Namibia!

I declare that these are my own words.

by Hilma Shigwedha