The strong and hard-working people of the land of the brave

The strong and hard-working people of the land of the brave

What inspires me in Namibia? Well, having been born and grown up in the northern part of Namibia, moving to the capital city for university was quite an adjustment. While I made friends and settled in to life in the city, I happen to see the other face Namibia which I never saw. I have seen and experienced many things in the city. Though Namibia is a small country with the population of approximately 2 million people, Namibia belongs to many different people with different languages, different cultures and different identities who all call this land “their home land”. I believe Namibian people believe in hard work never kills. There are many people in this country who are working so hard to make sure they put bread on the table. People who work while others are sleeping. In almost every area in Namibia you find self-employed people, people with small and big businesses.

These people work hard to accomplish their goals. I’m talking about the early birds of the land of the brave. Whether it is in villages, towns or cities you find people selling their products, such as fat cakes, meat, clothes, traditional food, selling newspapers and so on. Although sometimes only few customers come to buy their products and these people find themselves earning just a little some days, they don’t give up. They continue selling and some move from places to places. Why? Because they want to earn money to be able to provide for their family needs. Sometimes I ask myself, these people are always walking around the streets and standing on the roads for the whole day, even on sunny and rainy days; then I’m like don’t they get tired? Don’t they get cold? But then I realized that if you want something you have to suffer for it. You have to work hard in order to get it. This is exactly what these people are doing.

Seeing women working at construction sites, gives me a lot of courage. It also shows me that Namibian women are as strong as men. Namibia is blessed with hardworking and talented people, who don’t just work for themselves, but for others too, helping one another, contribute to the development of the country and fight against poverty. Namibia and its people, they inspire me a lot to work hard for a brighter future. They taught me that hardworking is the key to success and success is the reward for hardworking.

Every time I look at them, they remind me of the reason why I came to the city. Many young entrepreneurs just proved to me that, despite of my education background I can do anything, anywhere, anytime and be successful. These people made me stop being lazy, stop complaining a lot and just focus on my goals. Success is not for lazy people.They taught me to fly high and to not the sky be the limit. Together with self-confident, dedication, determination and good decisions, to always let God be the center of all. And slowly but surely I can achieve my goals. Namibian people value their cultures and practice them. Most importantly I have learned that no matter what you do, no matter where you are, do not forget where you came from.

I love people of this country. Namibia is where my heart resides even when I’m long gone and far away. I am a Namibian and will always be a Namibian. My Namibia, My Country, My Pride. This is the place I call home.

By Helena M Shiinda