The Namibian Nature

The Namibian Nature

Namibian nature is a blessing from God. I feel blessed to be a Namibian. It’s crazy to say and imagine that up to now, most of the Namibians fail to realize and see how important their nature is to them. Namibian nature is taken for granted by its own nation. The leaders seem to have undertaken their roles for granted, and been eye blinded by wealth. They no longer work to protect their nature, but aim for wealth. It may seem as a joke, but it’s the truth that Namibian leaders can reach to the extent of selling their own nature.

They fail the success of sharing their own natural resources. Imagine, it’s their own nature that they sell to the foreigners, just because they are the one that can afford to buy the land. What will happen to the locals are disaster, grease, homeless, and loss of trust and love of their own nature. Believe me or not, am talking from the bottom of my heart, that I got this opportunity to give a say and eye blind you. The truth is that, this competition is an opportunity to me, but my real aim is to give a say as a Namibian to the nation.

Am not good in storytelling, am based in computers. My words are straight to the point. The nature of the land of the brave {Namibia} inspires me. I grew up deep northern Namibia in Ombalantu; Ezimba village. My growth depends to my nature.  I have a lot to say of our beloved nature, but I got to make this story short due to the limitation and respect. In Ezimba, we care about nothing important then nature. My whole community trust in nature. You will get hurt if you go to my grannies talking about technologies.

They still believe in nature. Starting from the soil, Plants, animals, air, rain and sunlight they believe that the request is enough from God. Nature inspires me especially when I woke up from my room at my village. Iyoh! That smell from the trees makes you feel as you are sleeping on top of the clouds. To be a real human, I advise you to respect nature. Don’t take nature for granted, be a protector. Poverty, I believe poverty is one of the enemies of the Namibian nature. My dream was to be a natural resource manager, but due to educational finance it seems impossible. There’s nothing else I want to do than protecting my nature. Iyoh! The nature of the people of Namibia is beyond the beloved explanation of friendly and beauty.

The people are friendly, but don’t mess with them. They believe in their culture. You better learn them. They usually learn their indigenous languages for communication purposes. Don’t get use to my words, am not a story teller, but am a good teller. Wildlife, I hope you have researched about the positive stories of the Namibian wild life. Believe me or not, they are all true. My country is built out of piece. In my country, if you fight you go to jail. All people love each other in the land of the brave. Majority of the nation believe in Christianity. Get used to it.

My government can do anything to protect its wildlife. I have never experienced corrupt news toward the Namibian wildlife ministry. I salute my ministry. Trust me you have to feel free for a tour in Namibia. Feel 100% safe in my country. You’re safe and feel home trust me. I will trust you of lying if you say that my country is of the 12th of the African countries with harmful tourist destination. I advise you to please search; before you reach the conclusion and choice. I respect my tourism and environmental ministry.

There is nothing else I can say then positive to my ministry. Nature is kind of being human. The success of freedom relay in nature. Namibian nature is unique toward your cheek. If you smile, my face gets nervous, with respect. Enough with all I said, let’s imagine about the plants, because this is our medicine. Namibia is a local place with various plants in our bushes.

I get fed up when people talk of this nonsense they can’t afford. The reality is that the finance is circulating around the ministry, locking out our graduates. The implementation is nonexistence in our country of our graduates believe me or not. I plead for imagination and love from my ministry. I plead for development of our country. The inspiration of the Namibian plants is faith.

They can cope up to seven (7) months with no water. Their survival mechanisms are beyond human imaginations. To the ladies, please tell me that you are not allergic to flowers, because I will love to kidnap and take you to the world most wanted Namib Desert flowers. Trust me; you will feel love flowing deep in your veins. Let’s give the fight to the lioness, let’s give the fight to the people and to the scavenging animals. They eat up to the destination and remember the source. They backup before they save or else they lose their memories and die.

The birds take a sip of water, but they cover a long distance within a blink of an eye. In the morning they approach their favourite drinking spot, because dry seeds provide no water. They share the same diet, but they are always on alert of their enemies. Namibian Nature is as if it’s programmed, though it’s now vulnerable to black hats. The inspiration of the countries nature attracts vultures. Thanks to the countries defense mechanism, the nature is still safe. Take a tour to the woods and light up the woods in a cool night. Sit till the ash of woods and the circle of life completes.

by Michael lotto