The people and their culture

The people and their culture

One Namibia, One nation. This is the famously quotes or words that are used by each and every Namibia. Just this words alone can have big impact on one’s life. They say home is where the heart is, I say, home is where protection is found. To live in a country that have people that want to succeed and make the world a better place for themselves and the people around them, what more can be inspiring than a place that consist of people that are determined, that have the will, the courage, strength and the desire to make a world a better place? I’m inspired by the people of this country, and am even more inspired by the way they love their culture.

A country that has 14 regions, about almost 10 tribes, 10 different languages, two different skin colours, and still manages to live in harmony and peace. I watch news, I read in the newspapers, and I see on the internet, how countries are having war within each other and just cannot help but be proud and inspired by the Namibian people. In other parts of the world, some cultures are not accepted, people with certain skin coloured are not valued, and some certain races are killed.

In Namibia we embrace our differences, we are eager to learn about other peoples cultures, and most importantly we are one another no matter the skin colour, the age or the gender. I watch how people of some countries fight each other, and in all honesty in breaks my heart, but it gives me hope, and courage and so much inspiration. Because I know Namibia might not be wealthiest country when it comes to infrastructure, but I know that it is rich, because Namibia is my home, as it runs on love and laughter.

Namibia is made up of inspirational leaders, who create an inspiring culture within the country. People are not led by plans and evaluations. People are led self- respect, a sense of ownership and excitement. The leaders in my country breathe life, confidence and creativity into the country. Our leaders supply shared vision and inspire us to achieve more than we ever dreamed possible. For me culture is the guiding force of every group and society, essentially culture is the dominant dictating force in people’s lives.

The cultures of the Namibian is what makes them out different from other people in the world, and how inspiring can that be? In many parts of the world, people have let their culture down, and let it die, and in return they were left with no culture. The biggest thing that inspires me about culture, it’s the fact that it is passed from generation to generation, and it’s therefore not something you have to be taught, but rather something that has to be caught.  Every race or tribe in Namibia has their own culture, and believes in it, and lives by it.

Many people in the world have ran from their culture, but for the Namibian there is no escape because culture is our identity. The different ways in which we dress, the different ways in which we perform religious services, marital ritual and funeral obsequies, this is everything that makes us unique, makes us beautiful, makes us different; yet this is what defines us. To have different believes, different, faiths, different colours different languages, different social status, and to still live in the same place, with peace, harmony and love, there’s nothing that can inspire me more than that about Namibia.

Although we are different from one another, we understand one another, although we don’t hear one another, we listen to each other. We believe that, no matter our race, our skin colour we were all made by same God, and that’s is what’s important. We live under the same sky, breathe the same air, see same sun, and the same moon makes our faces look beautiful, and we the Namibian people have learnt understood that. The people,and their culture, that is what inspires me about Namibia, the land of the brave.


by  Martha Shikongo