The power of a HUMAN BEING

The power of a HUMAN BEING

I know a lot of people who would swear that their dog, some wealthy guy or mystery is what inspires them. Unfortunately, I fail to single out that one thing or person that really makes me tick. And that’s because what makes me tick is hard to be found in one person or thing. It’s a collective. My inspiration comes from a child of the species belonging to the family of the great apes, once a homo habilis, erectus and now a sapien. The HUMAN BEING is my inspiration.


I find that many a time’s life throws its biggest stones at us; we feel we have been done wrong. We get hurt and disappointed. We feel pain. We are damaged and disturbed in some way. But the fact that someone can actually decide to not harbor hatred or resentment, means they get the idea that holding on to such emotions only hurts them, rather than the next person. The ideology behind forgiving is not to say you can’t stand up for yourself or a wimp, it means you are practicing love.


I see at least one person doing something good for the next person each and every day. She helped the elderly to cross the road. He supported a colleague with a project at work. She consoled a friend after hard times. He assisted the neighbor carry the heavy boxes upstairs. She washed the sick woman’s clothes. And the list could go on for days, so to cut the story short. Doing such things is lending a helping hand to someone who needs it more at that time. It’s caring for the next person, to show them that someone cares. It’s giving someone a reason to believe in life. It’s making someone smile. It’s spreading love. It’s proving that you understand that it’s not about what ‘they deserve’ but ‘what you believe’. Some days you will be the only sunshine some people will see. The fact that a human being can give a fellow human being hope to believe in happiness inspires me.


I am Black. I am White. I am Mixed. I am Damara. I am Herero. I am San. I am Natural. I am Christian. I am Muslim. I am Whatever. Yes, seriously a person who says I am whatever, respects the next person the way they are though they are from different backgrounds and usually doesn’t want race, sex, religion or finances to form the basis of an interaction. The human being who believes in “I am whatever” inspires me. Because such people go out of their way to value the next person no matter their circumstances. When someone does charity, donates everyday bread, offers a blanket or walks a mile in someone’s shoes and feels empathy for them is what inspires me. Because that is compassion. I don’t know if anyone would run for cancer if they didn’t feel something move in them. I don’t think anyone would give a blanket to the homeless, food to the hungry or chairs to schools without enough or any if they didn’t value the next person, if they didn’t believe the next person needed them?! That is love. It’s understanding that every person is worthy and deserves respect. And that’s inspiring.


I find creatives very inspiring. Yes all of them, musicians, writers, photographers, artists et cetera. I mean have you ever watched a movie and cried? Or read a book and feel every emotion? Because I have. Sometimes going to the museum or art galleries can make a person much happier. Or maybe attending a fashion show or photography event. The point is that content has the power to heal a broken soul. It can empower someone and bring a smile on their face. The fact that someone can think of creating content that speaks to the next person is inspiring. For they share content that the next person can learn something from. Photos that will make someone smile. Music that can make someone dance along to. It means they care about making the receivers day amazing. Eventually they become role models to some. And that’s inspiration.


People with limits are inspiring. People who learn from their mistakes and don’t ever repeat them. Those who know when to say no. Those that know when they’ve had too many drinks and when to stop. Those who know when to joke and when not to make fun of other’s misfortunes. Those that are not judgmental. And people who don’t make others feel so little. People who accept their curfews. People who obey the road signs. People who don’t tell lies. People who control their anger. People who take responsibility of their actions, no matter the circumstances. People who don’t smoke in public as per the law. People who don’t pee on the wall or on the bathroom floor. People who don’t finish their pay check the day they get it. And even those who don’t make noise when the teacher leaves the class are inspiring. All this people have limits. They have self-discipline. They refuse to do something they will regret. And that’s love. They are treating the next person the way they wish to be treated. And that’s super inspiring.

I know I didn’t mention nature, the sun, the moon, the stars, the flowers, a man’s best friend, your favorite artist, that lady from your church who sings really well, the guy who writes inspirational books, perhaps it’s the single mother of 9 in your neighborhood. But if I had to mention everything that inspires me, I could go on for decades. In a nutshell, what inspires me is a human being who spreads LOVE.