The Spirit of Katutura

The Spirit of Katutura

It is certainly the spirit of Katutura that awakens Namibia’s golden morning star which rises every day from the eastern rucked mountains of its humorous city. The dutiful star that give life to the land of the brave diverse wildlife and vegetation, but never seem to be on time with the suburb’s spirited inhabitants as they are always already ‘rise and shine’ when it cast its first scorching ray.

Katutura is a slum settlement that have been built by the residents themselves out of any temporary building materials they can find. It is one of the capital’s rapid expanding urban sprawl with a lot of muddled neighbourhoods. It is a settlement typically raised by the robust occupant’s hard work with merely a handful aid from the municipality and is mostly administered by its noble local authorities.

It is an irresistible squatter community that ensnares foreign people from all there public’s fourteen regions, people from different ethnic groups with poles apart moral values, cultures, religion and political views all driven by one spirit…the spirit to live together in amity and concord.Generally speaking, the entire motherland is occupied by diamond-hearted societies. And there is nothing that entices tourists more than generous people. This is the actual reason day trippers relentlessly fly Air Namibia from all four corners of the world.

The day always starts off with buzzing people, whining taxicabs hoots and woofing of sturdy dogs here and there in Katutura. Its gravel streets are dusted by industrious labourers’ gumboots, racing to bus stops every morning, and the west frequent winds further carries the fine grit in the far desertous coastline of the country to possibly form part of its incredible sand dunes. The hustle is real down there, with indomitable women working as brick layers to waiters in the city’s deluxe lodges. It is a hive of activities and every second house is some sort of stall, all peddling petty goods to put bread on the table for its household.

In spite of numerous glitches, stumbling blocks and failures, gritty go getters from the squatter sheds still pull off to colleges and varsities golden gates full of ambitions to make it out from the streets of the place we cannot settle, as the name implies, Katutura. Energetic young fellows pushing all hard in every single deed they do for an economic independent future and luxurious life every vivid youth have dreamt off.Poverty is slavery and where there is a will,there is truly a way.

It is exceptionally stirring, divergent individuals living together in unity on a plot of land they have built together virtually without any assist from the government. Most times life is actually hard-hitting in Katutura, but its vigorous residents are overly always working hard to make the most out of it.I am highly inspired by the mystic spirit that fills the entire slants of the alpine zone.The inevitable essence which is surely in the air, because once you enter Katutura, you will indeed do as Katuturans do.


By PJohn