The tree and the flower

The tree and the flower

The tree and flower symbolize the true nature of a human. I would say a man is like a tree. Tree provide fruits, shelter, shared and it is used to make valuable things. So I would say the man is a provider and a protector just like the tree protect as from strong winds and rain. My point is a tree is something that we human can’t live without because it provide oxygen for as humans. Man of Namibia be like the tree that provide, protect and give life show as that you can make Namibia a better land to live in. Come back to what you are created to do on this earth. A man is not to destroy and kill but to be a protector and a provider.

A woman is like a flower so beautiful and pretty. A flower show love, care and forgiveness. A flower is used by human to show care and love it show how much we love and care for the people around as. That is way when a woman give birth she become more loving and caring for the child no matter how mature we get or the wrong we have done to them, woman always forgive their children. Because women have the nature of a flower which symbolizes love, care and forgiveness. A flower always looks beautiful, so will the woman also want to look beautiful from inside out. Woman of Namibia let as be like flower who love not just for money but for but for the nation to be a better place to be. Let as not kill our children and to plan to have them at the right time because we are loving humankinds.

Trees and flowers of Namibia come back to nature. Let it rain so that it can renew our life’s to create a whole new Namibia with fresh trees and flowers. Let’s stop killing each other because god is angry with as when we kill and betray one another. Let us pray for the rain to rain on our trees and flowers to renew our beautiful country Namibia.


Katona Erasmus

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