There’s No Place Like Home

There’s No Place Like Home

My story is that of a three year old. My country of birth, the place I call HOME, my Namibia!

I open my eyes, the very first person I see is my mommy’s doctor, he’s speaking a language I don’t really understand. My Namibia is diverse; I’ll later learn we have many local languages. What he’s speaking is German, I’ll later live to learn. “Hello baby China” he nicknames me, this language is English, the official language of my country.

I’m leaving the hospital now, the sunset gleaming on my newly born skin. I feel warm, this is the warmth of my home. A warmth that spreads where the desert meets the sea, a warmth that shines bright on my national flag. I love the warmth; it feels like home.

I’m a one-year-old now, I learn something new about my country with every growing day. My mommy took me on an aeroplane…I’m looking down, wow, it’s so stunning. My mommy says our house is down there, goodbye house, I wave goodbye. We’re flying over Ondangwa now, I still can’t speak, but mommy sounds it out as we fly over the blinking rooftops. There’s many open spaces here…look mommy, it’s a cow!!! I blabber as I point excitedly at this new animal before me. My country is filled with livestock, hundreds and hundreds of animals. I can’t really count yet, but mommy says our country is filled with beautiful animals all over.

I’m starting to sound out words now…Namibia!!! That’s the name of where I live, that’s the name of my home! I look at mommy with wonder when she talks about our country. “There’s no place like home” she loves to say. I believe her, mommy always knows best!

I’m walking and running now…my mommy takes me to the sea! My tiny toes are filled with beach sand…wiggle wigglewiggle! My Namibia has sand dunes, the softest of sand lives here. I love the places my mommy takes me, everywhere is something new.

It’s my second birthday now, my mommy takes me to a lodge. Look mommy, it’s a lion!!! Here’s wild dog’s mommy, what’s that one with a long neck and spots? “Is that what you were talking about mommy?” “When you said our land is so beautiful?” “You were right mommy, you were right!”

I’ve been on earth for three years now, I speak full sentences now and have a slightly better understanding of all the animals and the places in the land I call ‘home’.

My mommy inspires me to someday travel more… “I want to see it all mommy!!!”

I cannot wait for my mommy to show me more, the more I see, the more I fall in love with my beautiful Namibia! And so I am inspired, inspired by my mommy, forever doing the most for me, and for birthing me in the land of friendly faces and amazing views.