This is my story

This is my story

What inspires me in Namibia land of the brave, mother land.I have not travel much but I have been to few countries like Botswana and South Africa and whenever I’m out of my mother land Namibia I always miss the peace in the country. The friendliness of the people. Whether they are not perfect in English they would try their level best to explain something to you in the language that you speak.Then I miss the rivers, the great Zambezi and the kavango river.Watching the sunset at the river is all I need to know that all is well even if it is not so in reality. Whenever I travel I always see warthogs beside the road in the central part , in the far East I always see elephants and in the south I see springboks and gemsboks at the roadside.It always make my journey nice enjoying the nature.

People are always busy trying to make a living with the little they have. This inspire me whether they may be jobless they find something to do for themselves because life has to be lived.

Coming to the city Windhoek, we have kapana . You can feed yourself with the little that you have and get satisfied.People always have something to do. They always keep themselves busy.This is what inspires me about my nation and my country. Caring and loving people of my country.Iam glad to be part of this great nation and this is my story.

by Helena Neibes

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