What a peaceful Namibia!

What a peaceful Namibia!

On the third of May two thousand  sixteen, I arrived at Katima Mulilo border as an asylum seeker from  Burundi.

Since  that evening until now, I have been surprised by peacefulness  in this country. I am going to express this quality by showing  how three sectors gave me a lesson that  I would tell each and everyone I meet especially my country  Burundi. These sectors are Namibian police, Namibian Refugee Committee and political stability.

Talking about Namibian Police, it is appreciable to see how they respect human  rights  as long as they treat every detained person with due respect . when I was at Katima Mulilo  police station  waiting for  a car to take me to Osire Refugee settlement, I was  happy to see how the detained could easily see their  families  and friends; it was also pleasant  to see how  they could often see lawyers .

However , the most surprising  fact  is to see  the detained persons  being  given  milky tea  and bread with jam or butter inside as breakfast, rice and nice soup  as lunch and meat  or eggs with  maize meal as dinner. We would better know that this can not be given even to a prisoner in most of African countries. No matter isolated mistakes, Namibian police is among the best in our continent. Concerning  Namibian Refugee  Committee , I miss words to express my gratitude; I grew up in war torn country so that During my childhood my family and I fled to different neighbouring countries. Except here , I have never seen an asylum seeker being given  a paraffin stove, a mattress even a spoon. It is also not common to see  a refugee  camp with brick and zinc roof house where we proudly feel safe.

Everyone will also appreciate the favour an asylum seeker is granted  once accepted as a refugee in this Land of the Brave; imagine a refugee being  given a passport to travel abroad except  in their country of origin. This is not common in African Great Lakes where we come from. It is known that other refugees are living in tents or in grass houses in most of  refugee camps in Africa. Political stability stresses  also the unique destiny of Namibia among countries that underwent independence  conflict. It is encouraging  to see a young Democracy  like this  organizing free , fair and also electronic elections while electoral period means time for panic and trouble for many third world nations. Moreover it inspiring  to see an African president  quitting the presidential seat  peacefully.

Let me finally give respect to His Excellency Doctor Sam Nujoma  a liberation war icon who can be counted among  few independence heroes accepting  to pass the power while they are still alive. in  brief , peacefulness  in Namibia  inspired me with confidence that  we can expect a better future in Africa. Namibian context  gave me hope that my beautiful  Burundi  can be an ideal destination for citizens as well as foreign Nationals. I say many thanks to Namibian police, to Namibian refugee committee and to your political system.

by Enock  Iradukunda