What Inspires Me

What Inspires Me

What inspires me? Well, there are many things. From mountain ranges to the heavenly bodies in the sky, we know as stars. Seeing the dunes in the desert, and the lovely, vast beaches, along the coast of this spectacular country.The Savannah ecosystem, and its beautiful animals, living and breathing in the place we know, called home. This is our country. The place that inspires most of us all.

Let us start out with the stars; moon and planets, which constantly revolve around us. Their glowing features, as they represent light and self-fulfillment. They seem small to most of us, but they are one of the greatest gifts we are given, to remind us that we should dream big, and reach for the “stars”! The moon and its round body, imperfect, yet striking. How it lights up the whole sky, makes me believe that I can brighten up the whole world, one day. The planets, as they all have different features, reminds me, that we all different, yet gorgeous!

Next we have the desert, and its amazing sunsets, unique animals and its sand mountains.  Its camouflaged creatures, remind me that you can blend in, but you can also stand out when you want to. The dunes are made out of millions of tiny grains of sand. This metaphorically symbolizes that everyone in this world, every grain of sand, can create something beautiful.  The sunsets in the vast open area, are bright and remarkable. When one climbs a dune, it may be difficult in the beginning, to reach the top, but it is all worth it, when you reach the peak. In life, any situation may be difficult in the beginning, but it all will be better in the end.

Although the desert is astonishing, the sea ecosystem that it meets is incredible. The sunken vessels that one sees way out at sea are beautiful. This tells me that something horrible may happen to a beautiful thing, but that awful occurrence makes the thing even more beautiful, and more cherished. The sun’s rays glistening on the surface of the ocean, makes me sometimes believe that there are millions of diamonds submerged in the water.

Subsequently, we have the underprivileged children living in harsh conditions, but they still have smiles on their faces, even though they might be going through a terrible time in their lives. They always stay positive, and are grateful for everything that they have. They inspire me, because they are so happy, and they love everyone, despite someone’s flaws. They are very ambitious and optimistic.

Then, Namibia has several vineyards, near its southern border. From these, many grapes and fruit grow, which are then harvested.  These plants always grow towards the sun, and this reminds me, that we should all cultivate towards the light, no matter what situation we are in. This also tells me that, plants always grow, even if there is only a ray of light. These plants also then produce many fresh and delicious fruits.

Namibia is one of only two countries in the world that have desert elephants. These creatures can grow up to 60 years old. It shows me that you can survive, and can age to a very high number, even in the harshest of conditions. These animals are rather adventurous, and they stay very active. They are an inspiration to me, because they make me want to live a long life, to see what the world has to offer.

Namibia has over 300 days of sunshine per year. An indication that Namibia is never “dim”. There is always some vividness, at the end of the day, that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.  Light symbolizes kindness and integrity. This inspires me to be kind, honest and loving to my family and friends. Namibia is also one of the countries in the world, where the sunshine is extremely bright, throughout the day.

I find it wonderful, to live in between mountains, here in Windhoek. I feel that this is one of the highlights in Namibia, as it inspires me to be adventurous, to climb mountains, located around the world, and just simply travel. The many trees and shrubs, home to many wild animals, trying to survive in this wild universe.

As I visited the desert once, I climbed the most precipitous dune of my life! It was very difficult to climb it in the beginning, as we kept on slipping backwards. Once we reached the top, we took a moment to catch our breath, and we were admiring the view from above ground. When it was time to go back down to our camp site, I took a risk, and ran down the dune, on its steepest slope. This inspired me to take more risks in life, and to just have fun.

Finally, we have the birds, which fly in huge flocks, everyday, joined as one family. Different species, all in one sky. This reminds me that our country has joined forces, no matter how we look, walk or talk. We all fly in one flock, to amaze other people or countries, and show them what we are capable of. We fly long distances to feed the flock. We symbolize freedom.

In conclusion, Namibia has many motivating factors that symbolize countless things. They inspire us to live in the moment, and to have fun in life! They tell us to never give up, to always stay strong, and to notice the little things that we are blessed with, in everyday life. We are one big family, and Namibia is our hidden jewel!

by Amber Mouton