What inspires me in Namibia

What inspires me in Namibia

The word inspiration already speaks for itself, when you think of something inspiring you think of words like ‘uplifting’,’triumphant’, ’warm’, ’optimistic’, ’hopeful…but inspiration is not only empowering it is also energizing.

There are a lot of places, cultures, traditions, music, nature, whatever it is, you name it that can inspire a true Namibian like myself.  It wasn’t easy to pick at all but after a multiple times  of debating with not only my brain but along with my heart and soul I finally came to a conclusion that what truly inspires me about my home, Namibia is the tourist attractions, this is where you see the  true nature of it.

When you are asked to describe Namibia in simple tense your natural answer would be ‘it’s a beautiful country’ or ‘it is a vast country’ but if you take time to explore the nature of it you will come to a true realization that Namibia is beautiful in so many ways. There is simply no frame of reference, nothing that comes close to seeing the sunset of Sossusvlei or spending the day at the Swakopmund Beach, you have to experience it for yourself to see the true beauty that exists.

One of the most visited tourist attractions in Namibia is the Etosha National Park,which consists of the Etosha  pan, Flamingos and  animals such as lions, ostriches and many more. Another one is the Sossusvlei, sossusvlei is a salt and clay pan surrounded by high red dunes it is great for camping and the scenic sight will leave you breathless and gasping for air, or perhaps its just me. Not only do you get to visit the beautiful and magnificent Namibian sights but you get to learn the history behind all these actual existing places. You get to learn the story of how and why they exist. Like the Christ Church located in the capital city, Windhoek for example it is a historic landmark that was built following the wars between the Germans and the Khoikhoi, Herero and Wambo. It is also originally known as the church of peace.

Almost all Namibian tourist attraction sights have a beautiful story behind it, which will most leave you begging for more.

Another inspiring factor about  Namibia is it’s people. Namibia is a country that has a mixture of various cultures. Namibians are known as people that strongly believe and value their culture a lot. Even the younger generation is seriously interested and willing to learn and explore about their background.

Besides adoring their culture Namibian people are also very friendly. The moment they figure or hear you are a foreigner they are gonna do their level best to make you feel welcomed and happy. When walking in the streets either in the morning or at night most of the people have a smile on their faces. Even towards fellow Namibians they still show all that love and affection. They treat each other like true brothers and sisters. The solidarity among the people of Namibia is incomparable and honest!

Besides the cultural interest and friendliness Namibian people are  the type of people that care about their health, well being and environment. Therefore, they keep their cities clean and thoroughly follow the no littering law. Namibia is among the most clean countries in Africa and it surely didn’t clean itself. It was the people who are dedicated and educated in terms of living in a clean environment.

Without further ado I stand by my story line that Namibian tourist attraction and history is what inspires me the most about my country, simply because it is not only beautiful but also because it tells a lot about our country as a whole. It gives us a glimpse into the past and even thou we were not present during the times of hardship, by ‘we’ I mean the born frees. We still get to mend in with the history and hardship our country went through and how it came to get its 27 years of independence.

By Meriam Immanuel