During January 2017 the drought had ravaged the majority of the Namibian landscape and its people were on their knees, broken by despair and an unfulfilled hope. The dark rain clouds had been building up for days, but with every new scorching sunrise the clouds would disappear leaving an unforgiving, bright blue heaven.

Just before the oppressive heat and pressure overwhelmed Windhoek the clouds roared and thundered as fat, life-giving droplets blessed the earth. The magical smell and sound of rain brought the capital to a stand-still. Office dwellers stretched their weary backs, shoppers peeked out the shops and those caught in the open raised their faces to the drops with outstretched arms.

At the same time, from school grounds, sports fields and day care centres around the capital, the most inspiring sound rose- laughter. The sound of a Namibian child laughing is what inspires me.

As a government lawyer I am inspired and motivated to work harder, push more boundaries and challenge more policies to improve a child’s future. I have the ability to ensure that justice is served in a timely manner. That is a responsibility, which if not upheld, will heavily impact the future of every Namibian child. Press freedom, the rule of law and natural justice must be principles which ensure that laughter remains the social anthem of our country.

Rainfall draws extreme happiness from Namibians. Let us work together to ensure that we are able to laugh-always. Not just when it rains in Namibia.

By Anél van der Vyver