Who am I?

Who am I?

I my teen age years I have come to a point where I realise I don’t know who I am, what’s my purposein life? Don’t think I am suicidal but these are questions that everyone asks themselves.
My biology teacher/choir conductor/ Jesus’ angel has helped restore my faith. I am a proud Christian, child of God and follower of Jesus. Whenever we had biology I always looked forward to that class. During a lesson the teacher taught enthusiasm determination, but we somehow always go off topic.

This is when my soul is awoken. Everything in life is connected. The teacher explained why things happen and referred to the Bible. One day we were talking about having a purpose in life. If Jesus came down from earth and told you:” It’s time to go”, what would you say? How many years do you want to have on earth? All these questions got me thinking about my past, present and future.
As I was walking with my friends coming from school, I was wondering:” Who am I?” My friends and I always talked about the things on our minds whilst returning home from school. I then asked my friends to describe me in one sentence. One of them replied:” my dear, where does this question come from?” I sighed and said:” Lately I’ve been thinking and asking myself ‘Who am I really?’ ” Then she said:” Oh my girl let me tell you something. Over the past few years that I have been with you, I have come know you as a quiet, attentive and hardworking learner in class.

Whereas after school you’re the craziest person who does nothing but tries to make meaning less jokes. You ask rhetorical questions and always found something to laugh about.” ”Hey! I am not that bad,” I tried to sound hurt, “But thanks for the compliment though.” This is how my friends are like. They say silly things, which are true, just to make me smile. Like isn’t that what friends are for? They put a smile on your face when you’re sad, depressed or simply demotivated.
I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up having both of my parents with me. I don’t know what I would do without them. My mother is my role model. I grew up thinking she was ‘superwoman’ because she works her back off. The word appreciation is not even close to what I feel. My parents have taught me to work hard. Even though I become frustrated due to the amount of tasks they’ve given us I am grateful. They always told me:” We had a hard life before so that could live the easy life now.” My parents are doing their best to ensure that my siblings and I will have a positive and fruitful future ahead of us. They also taught me to work hard so that if one day I don’t have a job, I will be self-sufficient and survive on my own.
Culture and tradition are very important to me. It is like having an identity. It’s knowing who you are and where you came from. It is imperative that you go back to your roots and find out you are before you get caught up in the miscellaneous world. I am an Oshiwambo. I love my tradition. Working in the fields, harvesting and pounding mahanghu proves that hard work pays off. The traditional food include oshikundu (juice), oshikwiila( cake), oshithima(pap), omboga(spinach), ekaka(dried spinach), Mopani worms and oondunga(dried palm fruit). In our tradition we always had a goat for Christmas. Since the extended family is enormous, we get to attend some weddings especially during the holidays. This gives rise to the ‘Great Migration’, when most oshiwambos migrate back to the north in time for the festive season.
School is there to help shape you into something in life. Education is the key to success. One thing that assists people through tough situations is being motivated by people. What better way is there than to have someone to talk to you. The school invites experts to come have talks with us. A doctor told us about how he did in school and college. He said:” If the dream is big enough then nothing will stand in your way.” He also told us that when we chose a career, we do something we love and the money will come as a result. A local talented group of musicians advised us to stay in school, not to do drugs and drink alcohol and study. We also had a youth session at a church where the pastor gave us a message saying:” Don’t do things to impress people to impress Jesus.

There is time and place for everything. Through school I have found my talents which are singing and doing art.In junior primary, my class teacher overheard my singing, loved my singing and sent me straight to the music teacher. Long story short, the music teacher, God bless her soul, helped me discover one of my talents. She always says:” If you don’t use your talent, you will lose out a lot.” From that day I have been singing my heart out. I’m even in the school choir. When she sees me sing I know that she is proud of me.
My other talent is more like a skill that I have learned. I enjoy swimming is so much? It is good for your body and great for opening your mind. As they say:” A healthy mind makes a healthy body.” When I swim, I feel like I can fly (I can even swim the stroke butterfly).
In conclusion who you are depends on your environment in which you live and the people around you. As they say:” It takes a village to bring up a child.” I have found out who I am but not my purpose in life, but I will eventually with the help of God.

by Kaino Antindi