I wonder why it feels so good to be free in nature

I wonder why it feels so good to be free in nature

I wonder why it feels so good to be free in nature. The beauty of landscapes, the feel of the wind and the sun on my skin is what makes my day a beautiful, mesmerizing day.
The farm where I go on holidays (Onamatende), the tall trees and thick grounds which I call “the wonderland” because of the forest imagination, all gave me an alluring feeling. Whenever I would visit the farm, I love walking up in the morning listening to the different sounds of birds and just having a moment of euphoria.

The first time I went to Etosha National Park my father took us there with my sisters. We went for a game drive through the park and saw variety of wild animals, from the rhino, elephants to the giraffes and the zebras. We got lucky to see the rare black impala, and a memory that I will never forget, capturing a lion eat a springbok in front of my eyes was a picture worth a million words to me. I love how nature interacts with each other and how every piece falls together as one.

In grade 11, I got the opportunity to write an essay on sustainable biodiversity Namibia. My essay won me a good fortune to have a whole week at Waterberg National Park. I was both shocked and delighted to have such a wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by nature for a whole week. The drive to the park I saw the beauty of Waterberg. From the table mountain, the wild animals and not to forget the springs. I got the wonderful chance to see dinosaur tracks which was amazing.

We visited Okondjima and I got the opportunity to visit the AfriCat Foundation and met the ambassador of the foundation, which are the leopards and they were very friendly with us when we visited them. The Rhino drive was captivating, tracking for the rhinos and seeing quite a few of them. Later, we went for a hike and a drive to the top of the mountain and saw a view I have never seen before, I never thought this was Namibia and that I have been living here for years and that I just got the chance to experience this now, I saw a view anyone will die to wake up every day to, a view that made me proud to be a Namibian.

Later last year, My Family decided to go for a drive to Swakopmund and do different activities. When we visited the ocean it was my first time there, I saw Life. I saw the ocean meet the sky in front of my eyes. The breeze was like fresh air to my lungs and the sound of the waves enticing to my ears.

The drive from Walvis Bay to Swakopmund was alluring to me, the dessert meeting the ocean. The quad bike sand dune ride on the desserts was really fun, it made me realise that the dessert is not only to look at but to have fun too, Sunset on top of the dunes is a view and the best feeling to have after climbing such a tiring long distance to the top. The boat cruise in Walvis Bay, was the best ride I ever had in my life.

The cruise was educational about my country coastal area, and the delicious fresh oysters and variety of fish they gave us were yummy. I would like to see the view of Namibia above the sky through sky diving, have a few moments in the air and land in the desserts.
I am proud to be called a Namibian, I am proud to be born in Namibia, I am proud to leave in a country that has a beautiful landscapes, wildlife and nature. I am proud to have a country that inspires me. I am a Namibian.

by Lucia Katangolo