Hidden love of Namibia unveiled

Hidden love of Namibia unveiled

As the waves dance and slapthemselves against the seashore, I feel introduced to my motherland. “Welcome to Namibia,” it says.  With comfort of sitting on the warm, stone less sand, questions arise. I wonder why the waves welcome me, while I have been living here for 16 years. I realise that there is a great deal to Namibia, I only have to search deeper. Staring beyond the ocean, my mind starts seeking reasons, reasons why I love my country and how this inspires me.

The blue of the ocean reminds me that I love Namibia for its nature. Namibia is a country that creeps under your skin. With clear areas and vegetation everywhere, one is left gasping by the breathtaking wonder of the nature. Sighting the wildlife, it makes us wonder why these moments are not filmed by the Discovery Channels. The different shades of this sea continue captivating me into this land of beauty.

Growth is a word that is immediate to my mind. Namibia is growing and that is a characteristic I love about it as well. I love that there has been improvement throughout all these years and there are more seeds of growth sprouting.

As my hand cuddles the water, my mind finds another reason. I love Namibia for its gorgeous landscapes and attractions. Places such as the Namib Desert, Etosha National park, Fish River Canyon, Skeleton Coast and many more, formpart of Namibia’s identity. These places show us how Namibia is a land of contrast. As one travels from one part of the country to another, you are exposed to wonders that seek exploration.

PEACE, STABILITY AND SECURITY…three words that make Namibia what it is. Holding the stunning seashells, I feel safe. Safe there are no wars, no political crises and no extreme natural disasters. I love how peaceful and silent Namibia is. There is a stillness that coats Namibia, and that is what makes it lovable. I feel calm…I feel home.

Picking up the small pebbles and throwing them into the ocean, awakens another reason. I love the diversity and rich tapestry of cultures in Namibia. I am amazed by the pink and red of the Oshiwambo culture, the horns adorned in jewels on the heads of Herero women, the pride in which the San people wear their leather and that there are many more cultures that mesmerize us with their beauty.  Our cultures are an art piece. Namibia is a canvas and our rich cultures are the paintbrush. Daily, we continue to paint the story of the beautiful Namibia.

I stand up and feel a gush of wind flow over me. Walking on the seashore awakens another reason for the love of Namibia. I love the people. I love how friendly and welcoming Namibians are. I love their positive energy and their eagerness to fight. Being in Namibia for 16 years exposed me to people of different stories and backgrounds, that I feel welcome every time I meet someone new.

Lying on the warm sand, my eyes gaze upon the clear, blue sky. Wow! Wow was all that could escape my lips as I feel charmed by the wonder of my country. My stomach starts grumbling and I realize that I have forgotten to mention my love for the Namibian food – the indulgence in exceptional food. Namibia is filled with delicious food from different backgrounds. Every day, my taste buds are left with different flavours and sauces. Traditional foods-being one of the major highlights of Namibia-give Namibia its individuality.

I love that Namibia is a home, not just because we live in it, but because it lives in us. Our identity as Namibians is carried with us, every day. Our hearts are filled to the brim, because of a home. A home that has offered us our lives. A home that has carried our laughter, our passions, our hurts, yet this home has given us our identity. I love Namibia for fending to those in need. For offering a home to the homeless and inviting love among us all.

I decide to take a walk around this coastline. The more steps I take, the more reasons awake within me. A realization comes to mind, I realize that passion has a deep meaning in Namibia. You don’t only see it through studies and jobs; you see it in our music, our dance, our poetry and many more talents that make us who we are. Passion is more than a word to Namibians, it is an identity.

Not forgetting one of the major reasons, I love Namibia because it has blessed me with knowledge and wisdom. I am rich in perception, because of the education Namibia has provided me with. It has groomed and moulded me into the girl I am today. This is because of Namibia, a country that has ensured to offer me the best from birth.

With the chirps of the birds that continue to highlight this beautiful, breathtaking coastline, I stand up from the sand. I close my eyes, listen to the waves and take in a deep breath. I am silenced by our beauty. I am silenced by my motherland, which truly is the land of the brave. Tears fill my eyes as I wonder how blessed I am to be in such an amazing country. Every thing that I have grown to love in Namibia, inspires me to be a better human being. Namibia as a country inspires to make a difference in this world. This inspires me, as it helps me realize that my country became my home, my pride and my identity.

I realise why the waves welcomed me. For the first time, they helped me realise my home. Today I am proud to say, “My Namibia, my country, my pride”.


By Tulipomwene Kalunduka