My Inspiration in Our Beautiful Country, Namibia.

My Inspiration in Our Beautiful Country, Namibia.

Namibia is known for its Natural Resources, Kind People and Wide range of Animals.  Our Country has a variety of resources, attractions and extreme production.  We are blessed with different Tribes, different cultures and different Languages which makes us all together a beautiful nation. Historical Symbols, Veterans, Foreign interests like Angelina Jolie, all add Value to the inspiration one appreciate in Our Country’s inspiration.

Although we’re a Developing Country we strive to the highest expectations as a rainbow nation. The famous Welwitchia Mirabilis is found in our very own Namib Dessert, while we are the only Country World Wide with the SS NUJOMA Diamond Vessel.  Due to the high ranking of wild animals they have become targets to mankind which is so sad.

Our Motherland offer Educational Subsidy to her Primary Leaders.  We enjoy amazing Sea breeze and Nature Wonders, Beautiful Mountainous areas.  With a glowing Capital City, breath taking lodges, explicit viewing, Namutoni with the wonders of the earth, from game drives to the beautiful sunrise and setting moments, tourists find our country exceptional for their holidays due to the adventurous activities, calmness of the nature, animal sounds and silent moments in the star full sky.

Being Independent for twenty-seven (27) years was not a Gift to Us, but rather obtained through bloodshed, troubled days in thee Robin Island Prison by own Late Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo, Apartheid Struggle, Career Constraints, but Leadership was entrusted to the Father of the Nation:  His Excellency Dr Sam Nujoma to lead the Path.  Based on Successful Guidance, Vision 2030, NDP5 Our beloved Country are Proudly moving into her Projected Future.

Control Measures, acts, rules, regulations and Laws in place to guard our leadership team to proper decision making, supported by Devoted Namibians who has the Freedom of Speech, which is communicated to Parliament. Recognition and Consideration to every Namibian, not just in the Protected boundaries of Our Country but even the ones send abroad to enrich Education for the Growth of Our Namibia. We a blessed with boarding rivers and sea flowing into our Neighbouring Countries.

Our very own Air Namibia being ranked Second Place in Africa recently for Pleased Air Lining and Boarding Staff.  Also having our Dessert Express – Namibia’s  5 Star Luxury Train that offers you a Magnificent Tour from the Capital through Etosha – Spitskoppe to the Coastal Towns with High Class Treatment and Scenery of a lifetime to explore. For an Educational note we spread out to equip our youth to all available and constructing Opportunities of Career field variety, namely: Universities, Vocational, Nursing and Online accessibility.  In addition we are rich in Mining minerals like, Diamonds, Copper, Uranium, Gold, etc.

I am so inspired with what we have in our Country, how we empower the growth of it all, dreams we have for a Prestige Namibia, mostly my inspiration is covered by the unity we stand for in hardship and celebrations, I am honoured to be a true Namibian and would never dream to be in another place than home, in our Motherland.

by Franzel Strauss