Namibia- My country of inspiration.

Namibia- My country of inspiration.

Nobody can argue with you that this is a country full of diversity, and culture. Full of natural beauty and harshness. This can all be experienced by meeting its people and travelling through its streets and on its gravel roads. You can start in the North and move down to the South and you will find so many different cultures and ethnic groups living together that it can only be described as a cooking pot of a great nation which always leave that nice taste and a smile on you after talking about it to a stranger from outside our borders.

I am not the great traveler and have only seen about 70% of our country but we have it all. We have our Capital Windhoek, which caters for the world/local traveler in every way possible from the likes of the wealthy business man to the Backpacker, from the guy/girl/woman/man that comes here in search of a better life and obviously their steadfast residents who can’t give up the lifestyle of living in the city.

There is Swakopmund our own little beach resort town which is always a hive of activity and a welcome rest stop for travelers coming from the Etosha pans, and Sossusvlei area. A staging place for excursions to the dunes as well as a cruise to see the dolphins and seals.

I have only mentioned places but what about our nature, what about the places not many have seen but only on a picture. There is the skeleton coast, full of its apparent vast and deadness, but also full of plant and wildlife, something you must see to experience. The Bogenfels arch in the Spergebiet in the south, a true beauty, but not open to the public for viewing as it is in the diamond areas, but nonetheless can inspire you even if only viewed on a picture or a documentary on television.

Does it even still exist? We have our ever changing landscapes  and diverse ecosystems which can sometimes be mindboggling although explainable. How can a place like Swakopmund be foggy and wet and just around the corner you get into Walvisbay where it is sunny and hot, a place with four seasons in one day , inspirational I tell you. If you travel into the north from the south you would think you are in the rainforest as there is just a little bit more trees and not only a flat bush every kilometre or so.

Let me not leave out the East and the west where it seems that our two deserts have nicely given us our chance to see what we as Namibians are made off. Here we find the red dunes of the Kalahari and the glowing golden dunes of the Namib and if you look closer in there you will see how humans and nature are thriving together, this is why I enjoy my steak from “cattle country” and my “skaapchoppie” from the south so much more.

It has always been known that tourism can play a big role in a countries economy, but it needs to be witnessed how a true Namibian without any sinister motives glows when a tourist/ visitor talks about this country knowing that they have played a little but important role in contributing to this sector.

In the last couple of years as we have become more economically sound as a Namibian people, we have started to travel ourselves to visit places that was once only for those that had the resources and money and now we can also see what has been advertised on those travel brochures all these years.

I have started to hate watching the news because I have started to believe that outside these jagged borders of Namibia that the world is a place full of wars and people that have too much hatred for one other and this is where my Namibia inspires me because although we have our differences whether cultural, ethnic, personal, or just our own “learn on” beliefs we still are a great nation that can rally together if the need arises and solve all of our daily quibbles and problems without the need for war and bloodshed.

Now wouldn’t that just inspire you?

by Franklin Feris